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What do your nipples look like? Abrupt question I know, but so many people are insecure about their nipples. I've gotten several requests to make a community post where we can all share some realistic perspectives. The representation we see in media is pretty limited and can easily trick us into believing that only one type of nipple is "the best" or "the norm", but that's not true at all. Nipples come in lots of varieties, and they are all wonderful and unique ❤ Hence, my prompt.

For those who are comfortable, let's describe what our nipples' size, shape, and color is! I'll start! Mine are big, pale pink, with scars around and through them, and they can go from being painfully sensitive to completely numb (this is from my surgeries). They also point downward, and you know what? That's okay 💖 (Love this breathtaking artwork by

#nudeart #freethenipple #sensualart #selflove #bodylove #allbodiesaregoodbodies

There are a lot of misconceptions and stigmas around homelessness that need to be shut down. Contrary to popular belief, not all homeless people are there because of “blowing rent money on drugs and booze.” In fact, many are just average people trying their best, going through a rough time. The top causes for homelessness are lack of affordable housing, unemployment, poverty, and domestic violence. Some might think, “Well just get a job.” but nearly 50% of the American homeless population are, in fact, employed. Having a job doesn’t make you immune to the risk of homelessness.
Maintaining a job without having the amenities of a home is incredibly difficult. Charm fades more with each day you spend sleep deprived, unwashed, hungry, dehydrated, cold, and exposed. Of course, how likable you are also heavily determines what benefits and help you get. Gender, race, education, and physical abilities heavily influence how kind or uncaring people will be. (If you aren’t comfortable giving money, but still want to help, try giving socks, blankets, hygiene products, and food. Volunteer and get active in your local homeless outreach programs.) “Just stay in a shelter. The government can help.” Government programs aren’t really that helpful. For instance, with food stamps, a majority of the food available needs to be cooked and prepared. Not an easy task when you don’t have a stove. Also, most shelters are dangerous and filthy. Shelters are hot spots for theft, bed bugs, and lice. Not to mention, most are severely overcrowded. Unless you get there before 5pm, all of the beds are likely full.

For many, the safest bet is finding refuge in well lit places that are open 24/7 - for me that was Walmart and laundromats. For food, some grocery stores usually have lots of samples on the weekends, and with the crowds, it’s easier to get a little extra. For internet access, libraries, McDonalds, and Starbucks were helpful to me. And for showering/hygiene, try to get into gyms, truck stops, or hotels.
If you have ever been homeless, please share some insight into that experience. What do you wish people knew about homelessness, and what tips do you have for others in that situation?

What are your favorite affirmations? Here are a few of my favorites that I recently shared with the @gooftroopcommunity ✨artwork by @melodieperrault

I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents.🌈
My body is strong; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil 🙏
I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions. 🦄
I forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peacefully detach from them. 💫
A river of compassion washes away my anger and replaces it with love. ❤
Happiness is a choice. I base my happiness on my own accomplishments and the blessings I’ve been given.🌅
My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite. 👑 I acknowledge my own self-worth; my confidence is soaring.🌠 Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good. 😏

(Trigger Warning: Emotional Abuse)

Body confidence is not the only component of self love. Mental health, nourishing your soul, eliminating negative influences, and recognizing abusive behavior are imperative. Emotional abuse can go unnoticed due its insidious and deceptive nature. It’s subtle and can be hard to identify, but there are a few key signs of which to be aware.

Abusers tend to use intimidation, excessive criticism, manipulation, shaming, threats, and verbal assaults to gain control over their victim. Abusers weaponize guilt and obligation. They make you feel like you’re in the wrong, and you owe them. Abusers make you think their mood is YOUR responsibility, and it forces you to walk on egg shells in order to avoid them blowing up. Victims are brainwashed into believing they are always in the wrong. If an abuser does something bad, they’ll try to convince you that you did something to earn it.

Abusers are usually compulsive liars, and they can make you question what’s real and what isn’t. If you confront them about their behavior, they may turn it around as though you’re the one at fault. Or they may try to exaggerate how “bad” they feel, until it’s no longer about them making a mistake and fixing it, but rather you reassuring them that they’re not that bad. You’re forced to disregard your own feelings, desires, and needs, so you can tend to theirs.

Most abusive people were abused in the past. It’s tragic, but it’s not justification. Please do not dismiss their behavior because of their traumatic past. Unintentional abuse is still abuse. These are just a few of the signs to look for. If any resonate with you, please don’t ignore it. Actively tell yourself this is NOT your fault, you ARE innocent, and you cannot fix your abuser. Often times we love those who abuse us. We hope if we stay and love them enough, they will change. But you will never be able to love an abuser into loving you. Please don’t ignore the red flags. If you can, find local domestic abuse resources, leave as soon as possible, and seek therapy. If you or someone you know has escaped abuse, please share what avenues you took, to help other people in similar situations.

I think we could all use a little positivity boost today, so let's play a game! Give a compliment to the person who comments above you! Don't be shy. Click on their page and check out their awesomeness, so you can give a genuine one! 🌌👽 Epic artwork by @robineisenberg 👽🌌 #spacequeen #goddessvibes #goodvibes #positivity #pizzasisters4lyfe #selflove #spreadthelove #galaxyart

Did you know there are between fifty-five and sixty-five million documented cases of people in the United States living with a sexually transmitted disease? That doesn’t even account for those who haven't been tested. According to the CDC, over fifty percent of all sexually active people will contract HPV in their lifetime, and most won’t even know it. Yet, there’s so much guilt, shame, and secrecy around sexually transmitted diseases and infections, most people don’t want to talk about it (much less learn about it or get tested). Many have been mislead to believe that STDs only happen to promiscuous, immoral people. STD’s are portrayed as a result of reckless behavior, when in reality, they are a risk for everyone who engages in sexual activity (Condoms are not full proof, and you can get STDs/STIs from anal and oral sex.) Illness is one of the natural consequences of living in this world. The capacity to contract an illness has no impact on one’s morality or value.
If we are against body shaming, we should be against it in all forms. Hence, jokes, shaming, and moral branding of people with STDs needs to stop. STD’s are not funny and shouldn’t be used as the punch line. We can also try to be more conscious of our words. For instance, instead of labeling those with STD’s as “suffering”, we could use more neutral language, giving individuals the opportunity to self identify. We should avoid terms like “dirty vs clean, pure vs used goods, etc”. Having an STI/STD doesn’t make you dirty, damaged, or unlovable. STI’s and STD’s are not a result of bad choices. You didn’t “get what you deserved”. These illnesses are a risk for everyone; hence education about them is important for everyone. What can we do to help dismantle the myths and stigmas around STIs/STDs? If you have ever had an STD or STI, perhaps you would like to share your story in the comments for other people on a similar journey. I know information and services are not accessible to everyone, but if you can, please get tested. (Lingerie by Get 50% OFF almost any item & FREE U.S./CAN Shipping (very discreet) with my code “GOOFY” 18+ Only)

#sexed #sexpositive #plussizelingerie #selflove

Do you remember a time when you were the happiest you've ever been? Tell me about that time in today's comments 💖 I need to read some positive stuff today! (Check out this awesome artwork by @ashlukadraws based on model and musical artist @lizzobeeating)

#selflove #bodylove #selfacceptance #positivity #uplifting #bodyacceptance

Have you ever struggled to orgasm? Maybe you can do it by yourself, but not with a partner, or maybe you have yet to climax at all. You’re not alone. I know you might be questioning what’s wrong with you, or if you’re broken, but let me assure you this is normal. Few people are willing to talk about it, but the truth is around 80% of people with a vagina experience prolonged durations of time where they can’t orgasm.

There are a lot of emotional, mental, and physical factors that could be contributing to this. Stress, medication, child birth, you name it. Since we don’t always know the cause, it can be really daunting and intimidating to find a solution. First, take a deep breath. Decompress with relaxation exercises for both the mind and body. Do some self reflection: what do you really like? What gets you aroused? Masturbation is an important tool when getting to know your body and what stimulates it. Take some time to really experiment with yourself to find what gets you off. Then, tell your partner. Learn to communicate with them without feeling guilty or embarrassed.
It’s going to take time and investment, so be patient. Get creative. Try positions where your partner can stimulate your G Spot and Clitoris at the same time (or incorporate toys, if you haven't before). Try to avoid focusing too much on orgasming alone, but instead enjoy every aspect of sex. We tend to overthink this stuff sometimes, and it’s more self destructive than helpful. Orgasms are great, but if that’s all you focus on, it may actually prevent you from having one. Enjoy the foreplay and sex itself without fixating on an orgasm. Even if doesn’t happen right away, you can still have a full, fun intimate life.

If you would like to learn more about what you can do to reach orgasm, try online learning tools like the website Finishing School, the app OMGYES, or the channel Come Curious (@comecuriousx) on Youtube.
So, have you ever struggled with orgasm? What’s your advice for people going through the same thing? ❤ Bikini by @favoritelittlecorner

Have you ever cheated on someone or been cheated on? If so, please tell us about your experience. If you cheated, what drove you to it? If you were cheated on, how did you move forward? *Trigger Warning: Some Comments are graphic* (Artwork by @chuckmillerfineart | model @ashleylmodeling)
#nudeart #sensualart #bodylove #sexpositive #selflove #painting

We discuss sex and sexuality pretty often on this page. I believe these discussions can help break down a lot of the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding kink as well. Sexual transparency is vital in cultivating a more supportive, accepting environment for everyone. However, this kind of openness leads to an influx of shaming from people who disapprove of the interests and behaviors discussed.
Mainstream society perpetuates a very muddled, misinformed perspective on kink culture. Hence, people who have unconventional sexual fantasies, are often too ashamed or embarrassed to be honest about them, even with their partners. When we do talk about it, it’s likely we’ll be degraded, mocked, or silenced by ignorant, judgmental people. We shouldn’t have to hide such a core part of ourselves in relationships. Just as there shouldn’t be one beauty ideal, there shouldn’t be one sexual ideal. Did you know, according to a study from The Journal of Sex Research in 2016, 45.6 percent of people are interested in at least one type of sexual behavior that’s considered abnormal? Kinks are more common than people think.

We all experience our sexuality differently, and shaming those who have different sexual taste than us doesn’t accomplish anything good. If everyone participating is consenting and of legal age, it shouldn’t matter how whacky or weird their kinks are. Consenting adults have every right to indulge in whatever consensual activities they please, and it’s not our place to shame them for it. Not everyone will approve of everyone else’s kinks, let alone accept them. However, we CAN be respectful. If we don’t like or share someone else’s sexual interests, instead of shaming them with our own bias, we can do some research and educate ourselves, OR just move on to something we do like.

What do you think about kink shaming? Have you ever hidden kinks from your partner? How do you feel about kinks that you don’t personally like?

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Have you ever been mistreated/shamed/bullied based on your appearance? If so, please share your experience and advice for others going through the same thing. (Trigger Warning for the comments)
(Artwork by @kimberlyrdow based on one of Leonard Nimoy's photos ❤) #art #oilpainting #figurativepainting #nudeart #bodylove #selflove #allbodiesaregoodbodies

It's been a few months, since I did a get to know me post, so here we go!

I'm obsessive about organization 🏘

I LOVE hot cheetos 😍*Basically anything with a spicy, salty, or sour taste is a fave of mine 😏

I have six older brothers ❤

I support medical cannabis 🍃

I love excitement. Whether it's riding on top of cars, climbing a tree that hangs over a frozen lake, or crossing a hideously broken and decayed wooden bridge, I'm down! ✨

I burp a lot, especially when I'm nervous, but I try to hide it 🙊

I love musicals, ballet, theater, cinema, art, you name it! 🌸
I sing and have written multiple original songs 👄

I love video games! My favorites are Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Halo 2, Skyrim, and Silent Hill 🎮

I eat my popcorn with lime, chile, and chamoy 🍿

I love studying philosophy, psychology, and spirituality 💫

I eat really fast and super messy. At home, I'll change my clothes when I eat, so don't stain my good stuff 😂
I wrote and published an erotica under a pseudonym 🍒

I hate when people call me "sweetie"🙅 I don't like holding anything (even holding hands) while I'm talking. I use my hands so much while I talk, that if they're occupied, I feel like my ability to communicate is being restricted. 🖖

I love watching commercials from the 80s-2000s 📺

I eat ice cream with a fork 🍦

I put salsa verde on everything (burgers, pasta, salad, soup, everything!) 🥙

What are some interesting facts about you? Let's get to know each other! (Lingerie set by Get 50% OFF almost any item & FREE U.S./CAN Shipping (very discreet) with my code “GOOFY” 18+ Only)
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