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On : •Off• : Onish  🏰"Welcome, students of Ever After High."🏰 -- 📷Doll photographer📷 ++ ⏰Ginger💔 🐚Melody💔 💀Lyla💔 💍Cordelia💔


Closed roleplay with @kitten._.athena._.zella Lyla had just gotten to school. Being the new kid in Ever After High wasn't so bad, but knowing that people are scared of you was worse. Just because she's Maleficent's daughter doesn't make her evil. The people did. As she walked down the halls on the way to her class, she bumped into someone. "S-sorry." she said shyly.



OPEN ROLEPLAY ::⏰The Doctor's Daughter::⏰ -- Ginger was practicing her running exercises. She had been running everywhere in Ever After High. The reason for this is just an excuse to be her father's daughter. As she ran, she accidentally bumped into you. "Sorry, mate!" she said with her perky English accent. -- #openroleplay #openrp #openeahrp #openeahroleplay #everafterhighroleplay #everafterhighrp #eahrp #eahroleplay


Roleplay anyone? I'm flippin bored over here. Does anybody wanna roleplay AT ALL?!?? #roleplay #everafterhighroleplay #everafterhighrp #eahrp #eahroleplay

👰💔💍 Name: Cordelia Corpse Age: 16 Birthday: 03/24 Parents: Emily Siblings: None Relationship: Single S/O: Straight Personality: Friendly, lonely, bookworm, musician, depressed. Story: Corpse Bride Roybel💜 -- "I deserve a happy ending. Everyone deserves one too."

💀🔥🔮 Name: Lyla Cent Age: 16 Birthday: 11/23 Parents: Maleficent Siblings: None Relationship: Single S/O: Straight Personality: Mysterious, quiet, selfless. Story: Sleeping Beauty Rebel❤ -- "Getting revenge doesn't get you anywhere. Just rage, and hatred."

💙💙⌛⏰ Name: Ginger Doctor Nickname: The Ginger, Gingy, Ginge. Age: 116 (In Gallifreyan years) Birthday: 06/27 Parents: The Doctor, River Song Siblings: None Relationship: Single pringle! S/O: Straight Personality: Childish, curious, bookworm. Story: Its kinda complicated... But its not just a story, its a legend. Royal♥ -- "I wear bowties. Bowties are cool."

🐠🐚🐙 Name: Melody Triton Age: 16 Birthday: 02/21 Parents: Ariel & Eric Siblings: None Relationship: Single S/O: Straight Personality: Curious, kind, stubborn. Story: The little mermaid Rebel❤ -- "I don't need to fall in love to be free."


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