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the family who wears blue together....πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™+🐢

i keep going back and forth on posting about this. what does it matter? only like 20 people look at my feed anyway (πŸ‘‹) but i can't keep my mouth shut. I'm horrified by the actions/inactions of the white house. (Side tangent - it took me forever to get autocorrect to not capitalize that. I'm not a fan of caps anyway, but I don't think that building and what it currently represents deserves the dignity of capitalization right now.) so I'm speaking up to say I condemn the actions in Charlottesville and trump's response. even if my voice doesn't reach millions, I feel my silence makes me implicit in the hatred. since my voice doesn't reach millions, I donated to the @splcenter today because their voice does. #lovetrumpshate


someday when they form a band, this will be their album cover. @cebuxton @unclebuxton @dpatti

breakfast of champs πŸ™ˆ

I am constantly in awe of how Henry tries to take care of his little brother. Two days ago we got caught in a heavy downpour. When we came inside Henry grabbed a kitchen towel and said, "don't worry, baby Charlie ("tawee"), I'll dry you off." #bekindmovement @misskyreeloves thanks for starting this hashtag and encouraging me to focus on the positive!


two brothers and Sox diapers

just SITTING around, playing with my toys. #nbd

pocket full of goldfish

whoa. this messy eater is 5 months old today! @dpatti

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