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“The American public, according to research, would like to break with our dependence on oil — they think that it is dirty and expensive, and that it impairs their health and our nation’s security. They also believe that it is technically possible to replace most oil with better fuels, and they are correct.” - Carl Pope, Climate of Hope (pg. 149)

Cracked sidewalk? Our crew spent the day Righting that Wrong by creating art and hopscotch instead 🌞 Follow along with #RightWrong and at the link in our bio!
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We hit the streets of New York today with @Upworthy to Right some of the most frequent Wrongs in #NYC. Leave us a comment below with a Wrong you’re committed to making Right 💪 #RightWrong

“Improving the efficiency of buildings is not as sexy as saving a rain forest. You don’t see many celebrities dedicating their philanthropy to it. But the fact is, making the biggest possible dent in greenhouse gas emissions — and in the pollution that causes death and disease — requires focusing on buildings. And it’s something that people can do in their own hometowns.” - Michael Bloomberg, Climate of Hope (pg 109)

“The cost of clean energy has plummeted in price in recent years. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that from 2008 to 2016, the costs dropped 41 percent for wind, 64 percent for solar, and as much as 94 percent for LED lights. Two- thirds of new electricity capacity installed in 2015 was wind or solar. The drop in price follows a trend that occurs as any new technology improves and advances.” — Michael Bloomberg, Climate of Hope (pg 83)

TONIGHT our very own @therwees is closing the @welcometojuniorhigh "What Would Olivia Benson Do?" art show with a curated reading on personal agency and survival. Check out our bio link for more details 😎

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“All the data indicates that we’re already living in times of more turbulent climate — and that if we do nothing, there’s far worse to come. We have the opportunity to avoid these harmful effects, while also immediately improving the lives of millions of people. We’d be crazy not to embrace it.” — Michael Bloomberg, Climate of Hope (pg 71)

"The poet is the anti-Trump, because the poet’s job is to care about the importance of words." - @zeinabeck #WorldRefugeeDay #RefugeesWelcome #WithRefugees #poetry

Italian activists have a secret strategy to protect Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Click our bio link to read more about it.
Illustration: @ashlukadraws

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“In real economic terms, today’s wind and solar electrons are the cheapest electrons the world has ever known. Those who develop them most intensively will make a great deal of money, and the challenge will be how to divide up the good news, not share the pain.” Climate of Hope— Carl Pope (pg 104)

“The market operates on the basis of consumer demand, and the fact is that when given the choice, consumers, both Democrats and Republicans, would rather buy clean energy than dirty energy. The reason is simple: They do not want the air they breathe and the water they drink to be polluted with toxic chemicals.” — Climate of Hope, Michael Bloomberg (pg 86)
Check out for more 🌎 @bloombergdotorg
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“As new cities emerge, we have the advantage of knowing how, with smarter regulation and better technology, to make them climate-friendly and even carbon-neutral. ... If we’re going to stop climate change, we must make smart investments in how we plan cities.” Climate of Hope— Bloomberg (pg 116) Visit for more 🌎 @bloombergdotorg
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