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Good Day Rentals Vintage  Rad events for rad people βš“ Vintage and retro furniture hire πŸŽ‰ Event design + styling 🏑 Property styling coming soon πŸ‘‘ Legends πŸ’•Melbourne


Testimonial from one of our excellent grooms - Banjo. And we only paid him 4 million dollars to says this, so you KNOW it's genuine.Β We do make jokes about wedding planning, but we also believe that it doesn't have to be a big ol' pain in the rear end. It CAN actually be fun!

Get the right people involved; people with a similar outlook to you and your beloved, people who reply to your emails in a timely fashion, and people who are passionate and excited about weddings, and things will be OK!

Can't wait to show you some photos of Kate + Banjo's cewl home wedding really soon!

Do you remember when parties and weddings (at least the ones I went to!) were in big old halls and the extent of the 'furnishing' was a few plastic chairs around the edges? As Kanye West says, "The vibe is wrong", and those parties were not so memorable.
Now people are like GIMME ALL THE COUCHES! And if they don't ask me for couches, I give them an impassioned speech on the joy of a beautiful big lounge area like this one - which, contrary to popular belief - everyone loves, not just great grannie.
This delicious lounge area is the one we designed for Em + Nick's Mid-Century Mexicana wedding fiesta. The fabric panels helped warm up the warehouse space, the hanging florals by flowery pals @goodgraceandhumour brough lots of colour and life to the space, as did about 45 of our pot plants.
Everyone will remember your kick arse lounge area!
Photo: @samaracliffordphoto
Venue: @twotonmax

Meet Emily + Nick. The fabulous pair who married at @twotonmax the weekend before last in a Mid-Century Mexicana wonderland.
Both Queenslanders, they met in Brisbane just before both moving to Melbourne and took to exploring their new city together, and after a billion years of hanging out - finally admitted they were into each other.
Their wedding planning advice? Choose suppliers and vendors who you can have a cheeky beer with. "These people are going to be on your team so you want to like them a lot, feel comfortable around them and be able to express what you really want for your day." Dang they are a cute and hilarious pair - Nick loves Em's laugh and her bad jokes, while Em loves Nick's devotion to the film, Cool Runnings. From it, he yells, "I see pride, I see power, I saw a bad ass mother that don’t take no shit from non one” to Em whenever she's embarking on a new journey.
The only thing Em would leave Nick for is a New York apartment where Steve Carell was her housemate, but that ALSO features endless fairy bread and shelf of never ending books.
Nick would chuck Em for a time machine so he can see his favourite bands live. But the time machine also has to be able to serve him tacos and tequila whenever he wants.Β 
Safe to say I think these legends are in for a long and fun life together! Congrats! πŸ“·: @jeromecole
πŸ’: @goodgraceandhumour
Furniture, design and styling: us!
Celebrant: @sarahairdcivilcelebrant

Who knew that my penchant for coming up with cray ideas and wacky thoughts would become my job and business and life? NOT ME. For a long time when I worked as a corporate flunky, I used to try and stuff it all back in, but now, I let it all hang out as most of the time, it's a pretty wonderful way to be, and attracts other like people, who are right up for my ideas.
Such as the rad lasses from @thedigitalpicnic who were like HECK YES when I suggested buying all the pineapples and spray painting them for their 3rd birthday party.
Wacky people unite (and get in touch - we'd love to help you create an amazing event)! πŸ“·: the lovely @lecindaward

The dancefloor at a wedding or party is sacred.
Thus, when I was designing Jonathan + Meghan's Melbourne Town Hall wedding, there was no question about where to put their dancefloor - under the leadlight window with the Jesus-y figure (though I think it's a woman and maybe not even religious, but it certainly has that feel)! Jonathan + Meghan are a gorgeous pair of quirky, fun, sweet people, so while we kept the furniture choices more traditional in line with the historic, preserved venue, we added fun aspects like the gold bar, scalloped planter box and lots of plants to jazz it all up ✨✨ More pics of it in our Insta stories.

It's almost Christmas. And while we can't help you with gift buying or family avoidance tactics, we are happy to point you in the direction of @boutiquecakeart who made this cake that sits atop our lovely burnt orange antique chair.

They are doing a cake and floral garland partnership with @goodgraceandhumour and so your kick arse Christmas table is ALL SET. Literally.
While I am providing advice, may I suggest you go over to our webby and sign up for our newsletter. It's really good. It has news and letters and is 100% super OK. Link in profile.

Do the all important signing in style, on our pink settee. Here she is ready to rock and roll and way more awesome than a couple of stackable plastic garden chairs.

As @donttellcharles said about this cake, "Sometimes, more is more". Which is wholeheartedly our jam. More is more is more is more. Is more. Now add more.
I remember being about 11, hearing Coco Channel's advice, 'before you leave the house, take one thing off'. Even then, sweet little Katie doing grade six at Hastings Primary School was like, WHATEVER LADY. HOW BORING. AND GOOD DAY. And then I probably added an additional belt to my 'good' tracksuit.
We are collaborating with Don't Tell Charles very soon and they are doing something super special and exciting that I cannot wait to show you!

Chair ching!
#chairhat #seriousheadwear #saveyourback πŸ“· From @samaracliffordphoto, @itsbeautifulhere πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

We'll have to ditch the clothes line, carpad and grass, but this is #BackyardGoals right here.
Via legends @decorhardcore

Sometimes you just gotta stand in a row and tilt your heads and enter into deep consideration. Which is of course what @goodgraceandhumour, @katie_burgham and I were doing last Saturday at @twotonmax, getting everything perfect for Em + Nick.
It was quite the nice, kind, gentle bump in; yes it was a 14 hour day and I did 22,000 steps but we had lots of time to perfect all the details that were lovingly designed and created over the past six months. Huzzah to gentle bump ins where everything comes up just as you had hoped and planned! Now onto the next design - an India meets Melbourne wedding at Fitzroy Town Hall. YASSSSSSSSSSS!

Image: @samaracliffordphoto

We are so GD happy that Australia chose love. Love. Love. Love. Love. LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Photo: @dreamoffal of the creation @goodgraceandhumour and I came up with for a yes fundraiser πŸ’•πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆ

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