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Good Day Rentals Vintage  -Vintage and retro furniture hire βš“ -Event design + styling πŸŽ‰ -Legends πŸ‘‘ -Melbourne πŸ’•


ALERT! Our office has neon pink and orange perspex windows! And this is how gorgeous the morning light looks coming in.
You can come and enjoy it with us as we have created an office that is also a co-working space for like-minded [read: rad + excellent + fun] creatives and wedding industry peeps.
The only thing I missed about my previous life as a corporate flunky was my colleagues so we decided to create our own community so that I don't have to work alone all the time and go bonkers [the bad kind]. Take a peak on our website at all the details of the space. And get in touch as we offer a free one week trial so you can test us out and see if we are your type of peeps.

Image: @jnotjay_forsyth

Good day! We've had LOTS of new followers in the past few days so we thought we'd say HAI πŸ‘‹! This photo is where it all started for Good Day Rentals; the wedding of co-founders Kate and Dave back in December 2013. We wanted to hire vintage furniture but couldn't get everything we needed from one vendor, so we decided to start a business! Hooray! We did, launching in Aug 2014!
We started with a smallish range of vintage and retro furniture to hire, grew that into a big range, started styling people's events and soon [like September-ish], we're going to be launching into property styling too!
We're about bringing together rad old things and new things to create truly unique events - rather than wheeling our nanna's old couch and chucking a doily on it.
Kate (me) is the creative director and chief of keeping the place running - this includes awesome stuff like meeting clients and choosing new items for our range and less glamourous stuff like chasing a mouse out of the warehouse and cleaning the office.
Dave builds stuff, both physical (tables etc) and online (systems) and without him, everything would go to hell.
Anywho, welcome and good day and thanks for following us on this pretty rad and exciting journey! Image: @choptheroof

Have you heard about what these rock star celebrants are doing?
Vegas style registry weddings in Melbourne. Go follow @thealtarelectric to be in the know.

Image @brownpaperparcel

Revisit our colour explosion wedding shoot from earlier this year!
We've blogged some additional photos and they are all rad and fun and so colourful and will make you break into a spontaneous party, whether you're having dinner with the fam or putting out the garbage, so BEWARE πŸŽ‰πŸŒˆ! Image @goldandgrit. Link in Profile

Hai πŸ‘‹! Remy and I acting natural for the cameras, showing our home to @realestatelifestyle a couple of weeks ago.

If you'd like to snoop around in our home, you can watch a video of me being a serious adult person with questionable Adriana Xenides-style arm movements > link in our profile. πŸ“· Erinna Giblin.
#AdrianaAndBurgo #robotarmmovements #seriousadulting

Kids parties don't have to be all Hot Wheels and fairy princesses.
Take the opportunity when they are tiny and cute and cannot yet speak for themselves to carve out a terrific theme and run with it!

Before you're forced into years of Hot Wheels and fairy princesses.

This is Remy's first birthday which had a rainbow theme - which he and the other babies loved (we know this as we made them fill in a thorough exit survey). Styling should be super fun, so go to town! Image @jnotjay_forsyth #saynotohotwheels #rainbowsftw

Have you ever wondered what the home of a stylist looks like?

Are they secret hoarders with actual rats for 'house mates'? Are they Vogue Living types with toothbrush holders more expensive than your car? Do they still have a collection of Tazos in ring binders?

Well, this week the home of Good Day co-founders Kate and Dave us!) was featured on @realestatelifestyle.

So you can have a sneaky peak, check if they have any ratty housemates and hear about how they started a furniture hire business from one of their bedrooms.

We've got about a thousand things to say about this photo and these two most excellent people! Just look at them πŸ’“

This is the first wedding we've done for a fellow wedding industry pal - and what a wedding! This is the sweet, gorgeous @ashleyhopkinsmakeupartist and her new husbo Josh at one of our fave venues, @thegeorgeballroom. @dammfinefoodgroup really do have the BEST venues!
We met them through power duo Mel and Amy from @wedshed and we're about to do some more fun collaboration together too. It really is a terrific industry to work in - people are so supportive and lovely and fun and have the best weddings!

Other rockstars involved in this wedding:
Photo: @beckrocchiphotography //
Dress: @nevenka_melbourne //
Make-up: @ashleyhopkinsmakeupartist //
Hair: @dollybirdmargoorsatti //
Flowers: @bloom_creative_co //
Josh's velvet jacket 😍: @mjbale

Another new sofa - the Dame Nellie Melba love seat - she is a lovely olivey gold colour and is all types of refined, classy goodness! Use it for your signing chair, for the bride and groom to sit on at their reception, or take it on the train so you're guaranteed a seat for once. #ladida

Balloon skirts 🎈🎈🎈🎈 Wear them and be the most excellent person in the land. Created (and modelled) by party legends/craft gangsters @poppiesforgrace. Happy Monday legends!

Wedding planning can ruin lives! But going bonkers and turning to day drinking are not your only options. Read part III of our series 'How not to go mental while planning a wedding'. This instalment, we discuss how not to kill one's family, how to stop your sister's chronic eye rolling, dealing with bridesmaids who are being dicks, and getting people to respect your wishes; SO EASY!
Go to the 'Blog' page of our website. Image @lovemade

It's new couch week - which is like Christmas in the furniture hire biz! This is the second of three newbies! Meet Angela Lansbury the gold brocade sofa ✨✨✨. She is perfect for watching 80s lady detective TV show re-runs, stroking lusciously and using as the focal piece in your event lounge area.

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