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Good Day Rentals Vintage  -Vintage and retro furniture hire βš“ -Event design + styling πŸŽ‰ -Legends πŸ‘‘ -Melbourne πŸ’•

This excitingly named 'Pink Settee' is one of our all time most popular items.
Perfect for looking at and sitting on and placing flowers on. True story.
If you'd like to know how we came to have this sweet seat in our collection, go to our blog and there is a nice 'lil story about Beryl, the former owner. πŸ“Έ: @goldandgrit

Vote YES. 🌈🌈🌈Equal rights are human rights 🌈🌈🌈 #marriageequalityaustralia #theworldwontend #itstime πŸ“Έ @goldandgrit

Important informational update statement: Good Day Rentals are on holidays. We are busy being unbusy, celebrating Kate's mum's 60th birthday with the whole dang family.
Soooo don't call and don't email. Good day to you! Ha, just kidding, we'll get to you. Eventually. Especially if it's a party related emergency πŸ˜‚. Back on 1 September! #partyemergenciesonly #seeyaslater #gooddaytoyou

We love weddings, but some people are like WTF OMG AS IF EFF THAT, and other abbreviations and short words.
If you love your significant other but would rather not spend 4500 hours planning a wedding, then get in touch with the crack team from @thealtarelectric, who are doing Vegas style elopments, in Melbourne, at Ferdydurke.
And I do believe they are looking for lovers to marry for their kick off party, so you really can have your cake and eat it too. Or something. πŸ“· @brownpaperparcel

Dame Nellie Melba is one of our newest pieces - and what a love seat she is!
Framed by our brass and copper tee pee arch, our @cathkidston mod vintage floral rug and a very terrific bouquet by @thegatheringflorist, it kinda makes you want to be more proper, swear less, polish your shoes and call your grandpa who's birthday was this week and your mum reminded you but you lost all your number even though they were in the Cloud and you didn't want to ask your mum again.
Dame Nellie is a powerful piece of furntiure. πŸ“·: @fernandstone_photo

Have you heard about @colorfactoryco? If you like colour even a little, then you have prob seen images of it all over your 'gram feed lately.

It's pretty much how I hope heaven will look and feel, if I believed in heaven. This particular image really spoke to me, given I spent some minutes [eleventy billion +] last night perusing eBay's range of confetti cannons, wondering if such a purchase (of the heavy duty 600 bucker variety is a legit biz expense). This room dumps confetti on you like snow πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰β„οΈβ„οΈβ„οΈ. If Iived in San Fran, I would be on the doorstep with all my worldy belongings and a cheque for a lifetime's rent.

May your weekend be filled with delicious desserts, wheeled to you on a pretty trolley like our brass and mirror-y one here.

Other things your weekend should be filled with; sleep ins, pancakes for lunch, coffee, Potato Gems, reruns of 30 Rock or Parks + Rec or That 70s Show, cuddles, roast chicken, Maxibons, shower Beers, naps, confetti cannons and rainbow manicures.
Photo: @kas.richards

So many of you ask us to help you work out what furniture you need for your events.
We get a LOT of emails saying "We love your range and we want it at our wedding/party/funeral/bat mitzvah/swingers party." And that's about the extent of the details you give us! As much as we are super flattered that you love our range and our styling, we've decided to offer a floorplanning service to service all the Good Day Rentals lovers out there.
We'll meet you at your venue, talk about what sort of wedding or sex party you envisage, your likes and dislikes, review the space and make recommendations for furniture hire and space planning based on all of this, including a full floor plan.
It will cost you $300 including GST (metro venues, country venues POA) and comes off the cost of your total invoice for orders over $2500.

So, if you want some help but don't want a full design and styling type arrangement, then this is what you NEED!
Photo: @beckrocchiphotography, of the wedding of Khia and Andrew who absolutely did not need our help with the floor plan, but it's a nice pic though hey!

Feast your eyes on this! Last week we were part of a team that brought a snow elopement dream wedding to life for the sweet Amie + Nick.
@anna_t_photo had the idea of creating a Game of Thrones-ish winter wedding shoot, and she got a bunch of enthusiastic people like us onboard to make it happen. Amie and Nick were keen to elope in the snow and so they let us take the reigns and create something special.

This is but a sneak peak - the whole gorgeous wintery affair is soon to be published by the excellent ladies over at @WedShed, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears peeled and all your limbs peeled, as that definitely sounds like a thing people do.

We took care of the design, styling, furniture and props, while @poppiesgettingmarried was on floral duty; food by @mrhall.cateringco, cake by @missladybirdcakes, Hair by @janeyumback, makeup by @ashleyhopkinsmakeupartist, music by @fidelandsarah, celebrant @raiseyourglassceremonies, and of course photos by Anna Taylor, with a heavy lifting slash super helping out role undertaken with aplomb by Anna's husbo, Mark. He carried a very large arm chair through the snow on his head for actual miles. I think he is dead now, but look at this shot, totz worth it.

News flash! We love rainbows!

OK fine, I guess that's hardly news to any of you.

Here we created a rainbow balloon installation with a mix of giant and regular sized balloons, strings of paper cranes and hanging kokadama moss balls.
We love taking an everyday space - in this case, a lounge room - and bringing it to life and making it fit for a party.
Photo: @jnotjay_forsyth

We go on holidays next Monday. So naturally, I am feeling 4000% organised, stress free and ready to roll, no problemos!

HA. As fecking if.
So, instead of, you know, getting on with it, I'm staring at pretty pictures of a rainbow cake 🌈. With 2x types of confetti on top πŸŽ‰. The moral of the story is look at cakes when you overwhelmed, or better yet, eat them. And also, if you need anything from us, get in touch this week as we are signing off 19 Aug - 1 Sept. Good day!
Cake by @missladybirdcakes
Photo by @goldandgrit
Styling and confetti throwing by us!

A good Sunday morning to you from the Forsyth-Bunting Good Day family!
This was taken a while back - Remy's two now (I think he was about 10 months here), this was our old Preston studio - we're now in a warehouse we bought in Sunshine West (but no, construction is not finishednand prob never will be!), and the green antique chair Remy is sitting on bit the dust last wedding season in a tragic trailer mishap (note: we don't allow trailer collections anymore! Live and learn etc). The other thing that's changed is how much the business has grown. We are booking out whole weekends, have a bunch of styling clients and are about to launch property styling. It's bonkers to us! So excited by where it is going and genuinely excited that you guys like what we are doing.
So it's time. Time for me to get an assistant. A part timer who is creative, biz and admin focussed and can and will lift and shift lots of heavy shit. And who shares our aesthetic and attitude! Also ok with some weekend work. We also need contract delivery drivers to drive our truck for the upcoming wedding season.
So email us with your resume if this is you!

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