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Who wore it better? We see lots of recipes and tips for using leftovers from the savory Thanksgiving meal, but we can make really worthy desserts from leftovers, or tests. I’m in favor of have your cake and eat it too- in small quantities and after the savory meal. I joined family and friends in big plates of dessert after a big feast meal, and I wondered if I was the only one who wished dessert was smaller and later. This morning I cut small pieces of a pumpkin cake I’ve been working on, 2 versions. I made the maple cranberries from More Great Good Dairy free Desserts, added more water and orange juice. I kept it more tart than sweet. Into one dish, a layer of the cranberry sauce, in the other the coulis ( sieved sauce). Since neither cake was very sweet,and I had a bit of melted white chocolate- that was the drizzle. I liked them both, but the smaller piece of cake sitting on the coulis has a slight edge. Now maybe the leftover spiced pumpkin purée will become ice cream!

I am thrilled to offer a big Vegan Thanksgiving Dessert round-up from favorite superstar bloggers on my own blog today. You will find a wide variety of recipes, from cakes to pies—some baked and some are not. Get you holiday dessert on. #cakes #pies #pudding #cheesecake oh my!
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Oh yes, success. I veganized the @deborahmadison recipe, Not So Sticky Date Pudding and I can’t wait to make it again. It went to a potluck last night and everyone agreed- this is an awesome dessert. Instead of the liquor glaze, I decided to add Silan which is date molasses to the Vanilla Pastry Cream in my cookbook, Vegan Chocolate. I’ll be posting the recipe on my blog later this month, but in time for Thanksgiving. I have a small tweak I want try. And happily @soomfoods Silan will be ready to order soon on their site and Amazon.

➡️➡️➡️SWIPE to see the Evolution of a new home style pumpkin cake. I made this cake using an old fashioned method of dissolving baking soda in boiling water. I’d seen my grandma do that. I did not follow my best way to flavor pumpkin purée by cooking the spices into it before using. And the young ginger added not a thing. So the result was a very tender and moist cake but where did the pumpkin - and spices go? Is it a fail? Not a chance. First I mixed up a glaze of silan (date honey) which is what I used in the cake, confectioners sugar and water. In the morning, I added a sprinkle of organic sugar. Not finished, I cut a marshmallow and torched it, and added some of the extra candied cranberries from last week’s blog dessert. I’m not finished working with this cake. Soon you can buy @soomfoods Silan directly - these are the sisters of #soom #tahini

This easy-to-make Vegan Holiday Pudding is perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah. It’s can be altered to your taste, using ingredients you have on hand. Can be #glutenfree too .The recipe is on my blog today. The dish is in a neighbor’s apt. When Omni eaters are wowed, it’s good for them and props for desserts that happen to be vegan.
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No #electiondayselfie no need for sunglasses but I voted and early! Now I’m on my way to NYC to teach a class at @mainstreetvegan Academy. Wet but hopeful. #didyouvote Do it!

Farmers market basket was loaded with greens, mustard, kale, chard, plus romenesco, baby ginger, garlic, apples, pears- more. In the pan, my dinner, fast sauté, while I started mise en place for gluten- free Brownie Bites and truffles going to an event. To keep my hungry self from nibbling chocolate chips, I munch carrots. That’s how I make balance. Fresh and yummy, healthy, satisfying and a bit of dessert.I’d say it’s @wickedhealthy What do you do?

Sip on a warm non-dairy Pumpkin Latte, while you hand out vegan candy this Halloween! Make it decaf, since it’s evening—that’s what I would do. The recipe is on my blog today. Ok, sure there good be a good dollop of a thick cream- but not for me. I’d rather pair this with a piece of cake!

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Oh it’s going to be really special tonight at @vedgephiladelphia Cider Week dinner with @shacksbury cider. Autumnal bounty on this menu. @chefrichardlandau #chefkatelandau

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It’s super easy to make a vegan Halloween cake when you have, as I always do, ready-made components in your freezer and refrigerator. My method is on my blog today. Like the ‘cement’ buttercream? It started as pink! #charcoalbuttercream #holloween
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It can be done. This moist and delicious, fudgy vegan WFPBNO, no nuts, seed, or coconut, glazed with high percentage chocolate ganache is on its way to a clients birthday party. I sent a photo of what I consider an appropriate slice— that means a thin piece. Fill out the plate with fresh berries and enjoy. Recipe based on the no-oil version of the Chocolate Cake to Live For in my Vegan Chocolate cookbook. This cake is an edited version of the wedding cakes I made for @engine2diet - Rip and Jill’s wedding. I didn’t use oat milk then. Today I used 1/2 homemade oat milk plus soy milk. Definitely a keeper.

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