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@tamarasamara what’s a #GoodBrowDay to you? 😁 Sandy Springs, GA check her out!

What is a #GoodBrowDay to you @baileywhitlowbeauty
It’s feeling confident and powerful.
Brows are the first step in my makeup routine and also the most important!
It’s so satisfying to help my clients achieve good brows, knowing that it makes a positive difference in their day.
I’m a firm believer in “Good brows, good mood, good day.”
Check her out, Texas!

@browsbynicolem shares what Good Brow Day is to her!!
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If your brow artist has never conducted a consultation, 🏃🏽! The consultation should be conducted before performing your initial service and revisited to ensure there are no changes.
It's absolutely essential because this is where your artist should discuss your goals, your history, allergies, medication and any other contra-indication that may prevent the service from being performed. During the consultation, your artist should be alllll in your business. This will help to prevent incidents of skin lifting (this normally looks like a burn) but can come not only from the temperature of the wax, but also from skin dehydration, use of certain skin-thinning medications, etc. You should should be discussing your goals, what look is achievable during your visit and long term, if the service is suitable for you at that time and to answer any questions you may have.
The consultation may seem like a lot but it's important to be honest in order to prevent injury, to manage your expectations, so your artist will know exactly what to do to achieve your desired look, or to know whether they should proceed as normal/with caution/or not at all. •

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What to look for when choosing your brow artist? Chime in below. 👇🏽Here our our tips for searching for the perfect artist:
🗣1) license: most states require an esthetics or cosmetology license to perform waxing services. It should be displayed in plain sight. If you don't see it, ASK! (Ps- Threading is different)
🗣2) cleanliness and sanitation practices: Are they taking necessary steps to prevent cross-contamination and spreading bacteria nad diseas between clients? What does their station look like? Is their wax pot covered in wax? Is there a wax stick sitting in the wax and being re-used over and over (double-dipping)? Are tools being sanitized and sterilized? 🗣3) consultation: Your artist should get to know you and your habits very well BEFORE beginning the service. You should complete a consultation that will address goals, allergies, medication, products and anything that may interfere with or prevent the service from being performed safely. BE HONSET WITH YOUR ARTIST! 🗣4) reviews: what are others saying about your potential brow artist. You may have a few people who don't like your artist...everyone isn't for everybody. But look closely at what is being said before determining if they would be a good fit. 🗣5) are they any good: Ultimately, you want someone who can actually perform. What does their work look like? Is it consistent? Check out their work online. Do they have a social media page or other online presence that represents their work? Do you like what you see? 🗣6) advanced training: This one is a bonus. Some people just have "it" & that's great! But there is something to be said for the person who continues to seek out opportunities to learn and perfect their craft. 🗣🗣a certificate from a class does NOT replace a license

Zoom in for a #GoodBrowDay #April18th

Some people just “get it” & our Ambassador @baileywhitlowbeauty is one of them!
Looking for a brow ARTIST in the Highland, Texas area, book with Bailey
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It’s not Monday but today we’re paying homage to the original Brow King. He’s responsible for many of our favorite Hollywood brows & for training some of the best in the business.
And guess what?! His Star Plucker Podcast is coming soon! Are you guys just as excited as we are to hear it?? Today’s #goodbrowday beast is @damoneroberts 😍

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When you move from DC to Atlanta and you need a reputable brow artist, you turn to @goodbrowday
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Our favorite brows have a bit of fluff💕 @ibrowsbyeb

Triple threat by @browshaping 🙌🏽 in Bridgeport, CT

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