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I ❤️ this necklace✨

~I have prom today ॐ~

~ice cold refreshing smoothie! ॐ~
{mango, spinach, frozen blueberries, chia seeds, ice and banana}

~Falling asleep on the train was bad, give me energy! ॐ~

~ॐ relaxing and drawing badly ॐ~

~ॐ walks in wales with the sister ॐ~

~sorry for being so inactive and lazy!~ ~henna~

ॐ ~detox~ ॐ

~I never ever have to do English ever again!~ ~celebratory run 🌻ॐ~


~Sorry for the continuous smoothie posts! I just got back from a workout and I thought I'd share this smoothie recipie! ॐ~ ~ for this recipie you need: a mango, a banana, coconut water, lots and lots of spinach, a squeeze of lemon, ice and chia! Iron is best absorbed with vitamin C so when making a smoothie with spinach add lemon or orange to make it much more effective!🌻~

~ॐ brain food ॐ~
~coconut water, frozen raspberries, strawberries and a mango, sprinkled with some chia seeds because who doesn't love/swear by chia?🌻~

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