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gonz gonzilla gonzales  general engineering, automotive rust fabracation,craft beer brewer, pro coffee sniffer. Opening soon. Casatis deli. Coffee & micro brewery


Thats one good lookn whiskey sour with my new $2 shop shaker. Hit the spot after a crazy week.

Wochn cartoons with my litle darling. The other two have the squirts.

Thay dont look and tayst like this from the supermarket. Good time ov the year for tomato headz.

Gonz just made hiz first siver florin coin ring. After menya failed attempts he got it. Still a bit ov fine tuning to do. Im so prowd ov him. His talent ov the steel haz no end. Gonz didnt write this. Shocock did. Thats why the spaling iz corect.

@yeats35 iz geting sum last minet tips from the casati sisters befor he gets out on the salt. He built this bike himself. Folow his journey. Stay uprite brother and ring its fukn neck.

Shes back on the road. Gona take the kids out tomoro.

The old fan realay fukout in peak hour trafick wen your beautiful wife iz driving the borough shaka trick. Enuf now .

Grate foto thanks to @fyxo going to be in the smapon toolz calendar june 2018.

Shocock shocock