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Ryan Bulmer 

Help me out! What is this exactly? I have my theories, but I'd like to hear yours! So No Googling!
I found about 7 small areas of a gold coloured substance on a few different species of tree and one dead stump. Each flake (within the areas) is opaque with a hexagonal structure. It almost looks like confetti. They were all about shoulder height and in close proximity within one another. Bird piss? Fungi? Someone playing an awesome, mind-blowing prank? So cool. Thoughts?

Anyone know what these flying ants are up to? They're as still as stone, unthreatened and I couldn't find another group of them anywhere. Thanks again Mother Nature for blowing my mind :)

Forget about the mail.. let's take a sail

Deep Bay in the latest of May :)

Count it!

We miss you guys. Lotsa love. Thanks for the good times.

On the tip tops of Pender!

An intuitive man, Claude, in his element.

I've never seen shit look so good!

Eggs? Yeah! Sunnyside up, please! Hold the supernova..

For those who don't know what Disc Golf is, here's a goofy putt!

The reflection off my coffee :)

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