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Holly molly // @biebersflatline

// @rihsel

so can like selenators and beliebers stop fighting ? {L}

JB or his Team changed his Kidrauhl Account to Justin Bieber 😪 [Its still Kidrauhl, they just changed his display name]

imagine meeting bizzle in a club vvbbkdsjdj. THIS song is why i miss bizzle {L}

did y'all really just-💀
plot twist: justin's new song is about abel lol {L}
cr: @biebslust

Justins ig live

Who saw the live? I didn’t:(

This is better @justinbieber

Ok so I'm sure everyone has already heard about this what people are calling a Selena lookalike so I'm gonna state my honest opinion...On The First Pic It Looks Exactly Like Sel Like Omg Idek it looks like she has a twin but on the second picture you can clearly tell a lot of differences starting with the lips etc..And I think that the poses that she makes in her pics are similar to sel's and maybe that's another reason for people to think that she looks a lot like sel ❤️Anyways No Hate to the girl she's BEAUTIFUL I just wanted to state my opinion ❤️What's your opinion on this situation guys?❤️// @universeofcam

Nice (deleted) // @biebersflatline

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