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ごめん Gang  Gang Gang 🤘🏻 Always lewd Never lurkin’ 80% lewd | 20% other Apparel & Slaps STATUS : EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SHIPPED!

Added Gundam Unicorn to the shop!

Gang Gang! Shops open!
Thank you guys for all your support! ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"

Last addition to the Toonami throwback release! No chill space pirate waifu Ryoko! 💕 bat shit crazy but for all the right reasons! One of our favorite og waifus that is super OP, daughter to a goddess and shizzzz, she’s got everything going for her but that never ending battle with Princess Ayeka over Tenchi 😭😂
Toonami Throwback release will be 03/17/18 @ 5PM CST! We will make a post about it so keep those post notifications on 🤘🏻
#ryoko #tenchimuyo #gg #gomengang

SD Berserk Führer & SD Shadow Fox have been added to the Toonami throwback mix! 🦖
Can’t have Liger Zero without the Berserk Führer! Damn, that episode with the Berserk Führer VS. the Blitz Teams Liger and Shadow Fox was 🔥🔥 Had to recreate them in SD versions! 🦖
Toonami release date will be 03/17/18 this Saturday! 🦖
#zoids #gg #gomengang

What?! You defy the Ctarl Ctarl empire?! 🐅 🐯
Introducing your fave dark skinned neko girl Aisha Clan Clan! I’ve always had a thing for her 💕 one of the first neko girls introduced on adult swim and she’s a damn space officer 👮‍♀️ 🚀 🐯
When was the first time you were introduced to Outlaw Star? Who was your favorite outlaw star character and why?
#outlawstar #toonami #aisha #gomengang #gg

Short Toonami break ~ 🌑
I was never good at holding surprises...LOL 😂 impatient af and I just had to show you guys a sneak peak of what we have in store for you! :3
Remember those days when you would go to an anime store and buy hella wall scrolls and go home to have that shit tear or break in some kinda way? And you just wasted all your saved up monnies on it 😭 sad times, sad times but fret not! These won’t make you feel that way! ❤️
#gg #gomengang #wallscroll #nogamenolife #shiro #shuvi

Sup Gang! So as you know our car got broken into recently and those assholes looted everything in the car down to the non Apple iPhone wires 😭 We got tremendous support from you guys about helping us out from this little pinch we’re in. Some people suggested creating a Gofundme but we didn’t think it would be right because I know ALOT of individuals out there need it more than us. 🤘🏻
So what we decided was to put all of the extras we had in the shop. Whatever we make on this will go straight to putting it towards the items we lost :)
Thanks for all the support. We’re really grateful to you guys. It means a lot that even tho we haven’t met in person, there’s still people that care about us 💕 Gang Gang 🤘🏻

Who will resolve the curse of the universal century...? FIND OUT NEXT EPISODE! ☄️
RX-0, the Unicorn Gundam newest addition to our favorite gundam list. If you’ve seen our past works we have done the Endless Waltz 🌹 Gundams too, the list keeps on growing! 💫
Which mobile suits are your favorite? And why? 💫
#unicorngundam #RX-0 #gomengang #gg

New releases coming up will be featuring the the og Toonami days! 🔥throwbacks back! ⚡️
Whatcha know about Liger Zero?! I fucking loved zoids, gundams but in animal forms bro equipped with some heavy ass artillery as machinery. Fucking shit up across the deserts and shit 😂🤘🏻 rushed my ass home just so I could be on time 😭 who else did that shit?
More coming soon!..
#zoids #gg #gomengang #throwback

Taking your husbandos and turning them into to waifus. Coming soon! 💕💦 🐕
Been learning some new video editing shits, still have much to learn. Used to make anime amv’s way back in the gap when YouTube first started but I got hellaaaaa lazy 😭
Inuyasha for us is one of the top og anime’s, back when anime’s still had 7 seasons 😭 💕 BUT MAN them triflin waifus Kagome and Kikyō never knew wtf they wanted. Then that nibba Naraku always taking advantage of it 😂
Team hanyou Inuyasha or full demon Sesshomaru? 🐕
#gg #gomengang #inuyasha #sesshomaru #genderbend

☀️Rise and shine, Gang Gang! Great news! Shokugeki Waifu & Rize x Rize shirts have been completed and is currently on the way to us right now! Once we have them in hand we will be shipping out! 😭🙏🏻💕
Thank you guys for your patience with us. It was supposed to be a quick job but our suppliers machine wouldn’t print colors right and the tech couldn’t troubleshoot it. So we had to wait on a brand new machine from overseas. Our supplier has been tirelessly working on these machines getting them to 100% @fullfrontalgraphics But it’s all done now 🤣 all shirt orders will be receiving a lil special some somethin 😏 💦
Again, thank you guys for your support! 🙏🏻💕

That new new lewds, Killing Bites! You know what it is 💦 if you haven’t seen it or read it, you REALLY should! Battle Royale Waifus with hella lewds and gore! Deff some r18 🔥
Coming soon! Keep those post notifications on bc you know Instagram be doing THE most 😅also had to censor the tiddies because there’s tiddy haters out there 🤧
Also thanks fam for sticking with us through all the trials and tribulations we’ve been through. Gonna come back strong af! 👊🏻
#gomengang #gg #killingbites #lewd #hentai

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