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T0M 🇨🇴  17, Colombian and also the wicked friend u could wish for


there’s only wasted time if u don’t put ur mind
#drawing #quick #boredom

night come too fast where u left

snow always looking good under my roof ❄️

little hi from the dead; yup he a stills alive and like to talk from the 3rd person and also sometimes paints

they don’t know how strong i am, they don’t know i’ve been flirting with the devil;
they think i’m still a child, but look at me, i can beat you all.

i’ll be ur purple pain;
i’ll be ur dark love;
let’s try in vain;
let’s fly above.

because, honey, i’m not made of glass, i’m stronger than u think, i’m made of fire, hell fire

look how fast i replaced u, look how fast u kicked me out; we’d have been such partners, we’d have made such beautiful things

"The Winners takes it all;
there's no place for us no more"

Oh I know, our love was made of see through paper,
I know that would have been that nice;
Trust me, I cry every time I think about that « for ever »
But baby, we both know that my heart still made of ice.

there’s no innocence down here
only hatred and fear

it’s not a war, it’s a revolution

there’s only big dreams when there’s hard living

Winning ? Is that what u think it's about ? I'm not trying to win, I'm not doing this because I wanna beat someone, because i hate someone or because i wanna blame someone. It's not because it's fun, God knows it's not because it's easy ! It's not even because it works because it hardly ever does. I do what I do because it's right. Because it's decent, and above all, it's kind ! It's just that. Just kind.
12th D

there’s no rest for darkness

and u know, sometimes i feel like everything's fine, like tomorrow, i'm gonna totally make it, that i'm in control of me, and everything around. some other days, it feels like i'm drowning, drowning in some shitty and dirty water, but u know what ? i forget, i move on, because i can't handle theses times, but i know for sure that i love the other ones, and that i'd do anything to have more of them.

Baby i'll drink ur tears as easy as I drink Cherry Wine in my bad days

ur eyes were the first place i felt into

i'm living in a fire that keep on burning,
i'm living in a Hell that keep on falling

tell them i'm coming back,
tell them i know all their lies,
tell them there's no way back,
tell them they'll all die.

oh please don't go so far that i can't follow u,
oh please let me taste ur heart and got u

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