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Goldsmiths CCA  Current show: HOW CHICAGO! We are open over Easter, our usual opening hours, Wed to Sun, 11-6pm but late night until 9pm on Thurs. Closed Mon 22nd.

Our How Chicago! catalogue is still available though it’s flying off those shelves (we have no shelves). Designed by the wonderful Marwan Kaabour, you can get it at the desk. It’s a 💎 and affordable*👍🏼
*more affordable than a car but less affordable than a Viennetta.

Katie ‘Curatey’ Simpson and Lucy ‘Producey’ Cowling (SORRY) just bossed a beautiful listening event as part of the current exhibition. Such a lovely event including Laurie Anderson, Moses Boyd, Fela Kuti, Gene Kelly... amongst others. This image is a room full o’joy. .

TONIGHT! It’s booked out for now but the nature of free events on Eventbrite means usually tickets come free through the day, or you could message us. Should be a great event. 💯👌🏼

Announcement! The wonderful... ADAM CHRISTENSEN

From 27 April until 27 May 2019, artist Adam Christensen will create a new work that draws on the legacy of disco culture in 70s New York, specifically its forms of sociality, free and independent distribution of music, and our nostalgic and melancholic reconstruction of it in the present. He will transform CCA’s distinctive Tank exhibition space through a combination of modular sculptures and fabric pieces that will frame his performances. Christensen's practice stages a ‘blurring of reality and fiction through moments of extreme performativity’. Through intimate lyrical performances of songs, and spoken recitations of anecdotes, he transports audiences into a private world of heartbreak and loss, at once tragi-comic, moving and elevating.

Anna Esposito @fmcentroartecontemporanea 🎶🎵👌🏼


The wonderful curataphobe Bedwyr Williams will perform tonight at Southard Reid. @southard_reid @bedwyr_williams

Location to follow but one last push via this gorgeous bunch. #stopbrexit @ghl_please @horse_meat_disco @sink_the_pink @chapter10.rave 💚💥🔥✊🏼

Our gorgeous friends and newly close neighbours @dkuksalon are swapping art in exchange for making you even more good-looking than you are already. Who’d have thought it possible? Go to their page to get involved and swap art for coiffure.

Bravo Gladys on her show open from today at @halesgallery. @_rosie_cooper and I will be in conversation with Gladys, Art, Sarah and Suellen today at 1pm in the CCA. See you there.

14/14. Barbara Rossi’s Poor Traits. Aaaand the show is now open. ⭐️🔥

The inimitable Art Green pointing out the mini versions of the artists who feature in the windows of this Roger Brown painting. We’ll be in conversation with Art, Suellen, Sarah Canright and Gladys on Saturday. And lemme tell you, he’s a hoot. .
Pic stolen from @andrew.renton (thank you). @_rosie_cooper @delawarr @charlotteemilybaker @haywardtouring

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