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I bet none of you were appreciative of your hard working hands on Valentines Day~ = w = in most cases they know best how to please you~
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There are moments in life when you're the only one keeping yourself from making progress.

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Side, back or belly sleeping? I'm team belly = w =
Actually one arm underneath, protecting ma crotch, one leg straight the other bent. Drooling. Disgusting~♡ #art #sketch #originalcharacter #drawing #pencilsketch #traditionalart #sleep

Have this single boy on a Valentines day~ would you take this stray boy for a beer on this lovely day of lovey dovey couples~? #art #sketch #drawing #pencilsketch #traditionalart

Any fun stories from when you got totally drunk~? I was against alkohol for a long time, since i've seen it in work from when i was little. My dad used to drink a lot. A DAMN LOT. He was brewing his own moonshine when i was only few years old. And i still remember him saying "Daddy's gonna lay down, you go and check once in a while if the pipe in here is too hot. If it is quickly wake me up ;)" i didn't know how big of a danger it was XD but as a good child of a moonshiner i made sure to be useful~ dad always kept me out of the room when he was drinking with his friends. I think he knew he was a bad example but in the end i grew up into a teen who never wanted to taste even a drop of booze. I never let anyone peer pressure me and i was really stubborn about my principles. People respected that and never really pushed me to do things i didn't want. My approach to alkohol changed when i met my husband. He drank some spiced wine together and i could, for a first time in my life, experiance alkohol in a safe, warm and happy atmosphere~ i got to know that ammount matters too, and the mindset you have while getting into it~ are you for or against drugs like alkohol?
#art #sketch #drawing #pencilsketch #traditionalart

Just released a 3rd Studies digital sketchbook on Etsy~ it contains drawings inspired by models on
I was working on it during the January challange. It's the first part out of two.
60 pages that i merged into 30 so you don't have to flip through countless of files~ = w =
For just 3USD it will be of use for those, who need some reference or inspiration for a pose ♡
Link to my Etsy shop in the bio or just search for GoldenTar on Etsy~ Thanks!

#art #studies #artbook #sketchbook #traditionalart #inspiration #anatomy #study #reference

Have you ever been into pogo? My first time was when i was 14 yo. I was a thin twerp with my face at the height of everyone else's shoulders or arms, so it was easy to get hit. I was almost in the middle of the storm for few minutes when i suddenly started to get really hot. People around me were devouring an immense amount of air while giving out this pure chaotic energy of dance~ i loved it, but there was a point, when at my hight level, there was not much oxigen anymore. I felt my knees getting soft and i fell back, pretty sure i would be stomped and injured. But instead of hitting the ground i felt arms grabbing and pulling me up. I don't know why, but this experiance made me so happy, so peaceful. Even though i was sure that being so small, in this crowd, made me invisible, there was a stranger to catch me when i was falling.
#art #sketch #pencilsketch #traditionalart #drawing

Bubbles suggested by @creamelah ~! Thanks for participating in the awful pick up lines fight buddy~ you all made so many amazingly cringy suggestions XD! It made my day~
#art #sketch #traditionalart #pencilsketch #drawing

Pardon, didn't care enough to comb my hair

Any worst pick up lines~? I can imagine Filip being a douche and using those to pick up ladies who are too drunk to know better~
#art #sketch #pencilsketch #drawing #traditionalart

Jeez guys you're like the worst ♡
I enjoyed it so damn much to read all your comments and see how creative you can be! Some of my favorites that were not featured on the drawings:
• Supreme brick!
• Furby!
• Communist manifesto!
• A Literal bonfire!
We should do this more often~ don't you think~?
#sketch #art #traditionalart #drawing #pencilsketch

What would you stick up into his bratty mouth~? The most creative answer will get to be portrayed = w =

#art #sketch #drawing #oc #originalcharacter #pencilsketch #traditionalart

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