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Bekwai Bell 

I'm glad growing up my mom never let me do a report on any commonly known African Americans for Black History Month. I would routinely see most people doing the same reports on MLK and Malcolm X. I had to do several reports on different figures yearly. It wasn't that those guys were any less important, I studied them also, it was just that it was important to know the broadness of my people's accomplishments, accomplishments this country routinely overlooks. Most kids look to these entertainers and ball players as role models not knowing the impact we've had far and away transcends any form of entertainment. We'd be hard press to get through a day without using something a black man or woman has invented yet most of us don't even realize the extent to which this is true. If you expect these schools to teach you or your kids your history outside of slavery you'll die waiting. My daughter won't. #hiddenfigureswasnthiddenforme #knowyourhistory #eachoneteachone #blackhistorymonth #blackhistoryyear #melanin

The inventor of the electric light. Before Latimer's improvements Edison's light bulb had no practical use and would not give off light for an extended amount of time. We're all taught who Edison is though. #Blackhistorymonth #Blackhistoryyear #blackinventors