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On Wednesday I saw The Preditor it was mixture of great action, great characters, weird plot that was kinda smart and kinda dumb and one thing that needed explaining(7/10). On Friday I saw My Hero Academia: Two Heroes: The Movie loved it great action, great plot, great new character (don't know if she is just a movie character or if she'll come back in the show or other movies in the future) Michelle Shield, love the interactions between the characters from the show (9/10) (for me both of them only worth going to the cinemas once unless you are a really big fan of either fanchise.

I saw the nun last week (13/09/18) really good and really scary, it made jump a few times a made me me gasp in fear at least once or twice which is hard to do (but also easy with this movie see as I have a weird slight fear of nuns (thanks doctor who(SJA)) 8.5/10

P.S: Also if anyone follows me on here to see pops and see addition to my collection you should know I have decided to stop buying them from now on see as they have reach into the thirties and that for me is more than enough ☺

I got ghost before a few weeks before I saw ant-man and the wasp and I got wasp after I saw it,because I pre-ordered it at went to see the movie the day I could go get it

I am sorry, I didn't post a review for both of these movies yet, but I did see them like some time ago, Incredibles 2 was like a week or less after it was out in australia and ant-man and the wasp was when the wasp pop was in stores and for me both movies were really good, the only thing that was a little bit annoying about Incredibles 2 was how obvious figure out villian thing was; of who it was, but even with I had a fun time watching it and I no problems with ant-man and the wasp.

Also another update: bought these two after seeing ocean's 8 (so good by the way) (you'll get why if you have seen it or the trailers or know who is casted in it) and i bought jack-jack for the same reason I bought violet; hype for the sequel which I will see next week or the week after that

Update on my pops that I get; I bought all of these after I saw Deadpool 2 (sorry for not post this sooner),they are: Violet, Amy Pond, Batwoman, Gwenvenom,Dolores and Jack Skellington, The movie was good, but not as good as the first one (in my opinion)

Just saw Avengers infinity war today and bought three new pops (even though I shouldn't have); its perfect (in my opinion, some miniscule things annoyed me but they are things that would annoy me, so it's perfect, but there are things that would only bug me, also one thing that will they may bug some and this isn't really as spouler because everyone knows or should know that characters die in this movie and its not they die that may bug some thing is (STOP READING IF YOU CARE SO MUCH YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING IN TO SEE THE MOVIE) its that most of the reacrions to the character deaths aren't filled with all of crying and mourning, most are just shock in that it is happening and one just happens without anoyone seeing it, just someone calls (his or her name) and that character dying right after, out of sight of the character that was looking for (him/her) and the character that was looking for (him/her) gives up looking after one call of their name and than goes back to the group and only than (might) have realized what happened, but for me it was perfect πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚β€β€β€Γ—β™Ύ

Got Hella and Nebula after seeing Thor Ragnarok (last year), got Shuri (my favorite character from Black Panther) and Spider Gwen after I saw Black Panther

I have been meaning to do any update on my pop collection (been putting it off and a bit lazy) I bought these two not long after Stranger Things s2 came out and after I watched all of it in like three days which is kinda record for me with binge watching, also "Come play with us" (get it) :)

Also saw Tomb Raider (last week) really good, Alicia Vikander was amazing as Lara and love the movie so much, such a good video game adaptation movie and movie in general, my only and smallest annoyance with the movie is that choke hold move being used about four times in the movie, I do get the reasons behind it and like it for them, but it just annoys me a little seeing that fighting move used that many times in the movie

Sorry, I have posted anything in 2 months (more or less) I forget to post positive stuff or just stuff in general, side note saw black pather (2 weeks ago) it is as perfect as everyone is saying it is and loved from beginning to end and still love now β™₯πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’™β™₯

My favorite quote from Winnie The Poo that always makes me tear up and cry when I read it, it makes me sad and happy at the same time in good way whenever I read it and think back to it, with a smile and tears

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