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Gold Coast Piazza 黃金海岸商場  This is Gold Coast Piazza's official account.Share your amazing moments with us via #goldcoastpiazza

今晚黃金海岸商場見 See you at Gold Coast Piazza 😝
提提你,商場草地喺迎月、賞月同追月三日開放,快D約埋親朋好友嚟慶中秋啦! The entrance lawn will open to the public on 23-25 September. Why not gather a few close friends and families and head down to the lawn! 🎑

日期: 23-25.09.2018
時間: 至晚上十一時 Till 11pm #中秋節 #midautumnfestival #黃金海岸商場 #goldcoastpiazza #賞月

【金秋.光之花祭 🌸 Dazzling Mid-Autumn Floral Celebration】
中秋節就嚟到,商場中庭同海濱長廊都多左好多靚靚花燈! 中秋團圓之時,記得要約埋家人朋友一齊嚟打卡影返張靚相啦! Take the ultimate Mid-Autumn Festival selfie with our illuminated gigantic flower garden at the courtyard and promenade, with the 3-m tall tulips, you can’t miss it! Impressive during the day but even more stunning at night! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 📸 🌷 同場加映霓虹花燈造型手作坊,有興趣嘅朋友快D嚟報名啦! Registration for Neon Flower DIY Workshop is now open! Act now! 👉🏻 立即報名 Register now:

#黃金海岸商場 #goldcoastpiazza #midautumnfestival #中秋節 #打卡 #工作坊 #workshop

【霓虹花燈造型手作坊 🌷 Neon Flower DIY Workshop】
準備好點過中秋節未呢? 嚟親手打造獨一無二嘅花燈,仲可以加入你想要嘅文字! 送比另一半、同閨蜜一齊整、同家人一齊創作一定係最好嘅花燈啦! Create your own grooviest lantern light ever with a neon flower – this stylish floret will highlight your home or office throughout the year! 😎

日期 Date: 9.22-23.2018 (星期六及日 Sat & Sun)
時間 Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm 👉🏻 立即報名 Register now: - 遞交報名表格 Submit registration form - - 回覆確認電郵 Reply email confirmation
- 於活動當日憑商場電子貨幣消費滿港幣300元^之發票即可參加手作坊一節 Upon a same-day electronic spending of HK$300^ at Piazza, shoppers can join 1 session of workshop ^一般顧客消費金額為HK$300; 黃金海岸住宅住戶、香港黃金海岸酒店住客、黃金海岸鄉村俱樂部.遊艇會及Sino Club 信和薈會員則為HK$250。General Shoppers' spending amount is HK$300. Residents of HKGC, Guests of HKGC Hotel, Members of GCYCC & Sino Club can enjoy the offer upon same-day spending HK$250 or above.

#黃金海岸商場 #goldcoastpiazza #工作坊 #花燈 #workshop #lantern #midautumnfestival

【週末好去處 🏃🏻 Leisure moment at GC】
黃金海岸商場最signature當然係海濱長廊啦! 最近天氣咁好,一於週末出行嚟歎下海風! The waterfront promenades, yacht harbour and sea views, serves up multiple scenic backdrops, for starry-eyed moments to capture on camera or just share in private! 🎐🎐 #黃金海岸商場 #goldcoastpiazza #週末好去處

【週末好去處 🏃🏻 Leisure moment at GC】
最近呢幅花花牆已經成為咗情侶閨蜜打卡熱點啦! 仲等咩呀? 快D嚟黃金海岸商場打卡放閃啦! The Floral Wall is made from hundreds of red and pink dried flowers and begs for couples and gal pal “besties” to spell out their love with a giant “+,” “=” and heart. ❤

#黃金海岸商場 #goldcoastpiazza #文青 #週末好去處

【週末好去處 🏃🏻 Leisure moment at GC】
有冇發現黃金海岸商場收埋咗好多大生果? 蘋果、啤梨、車厘子……你最鍾意邊個? 識影一定係同佢地大影呃like相!!! Have you notice some of the fruit sculptures newly scattered around the Piazza? Don't miss this eye-popping selfies! Tasty shots can be as creative as the eater wants to be! 🍎🍐🍒
#黃金海岸商場 #goldcoastpizza #週末好去處 #weekend

【週末好去處 🏃🏻 Leisure moment at GC】
暑假就嚟完結,天文台話星期六日就會放晴,快D把握時間約埋三朋好友享受假期啦! 每逢周末假期,黃金海岸商場草地會開放,仲預備埋超舒適豆袋梳化俾你慢慢嘆,共享悠然假期!!! The real grass lawn is now open to the public during weekends! Come to pick your own giant bean bag to relax upon, strewn around the real grass lawn! The bean bags are available as spots for picnics, catch-ups with friends, or simply unwinding amidst the day-out vibe. 🤩 #goldcoastpiazza #黃金海岸商場

B.Duck 郵輪假期起航! 睇下我地玩咗D咩!? 👀 B.Duck Summer Cruise Vacation starts! Let's see what we have go through this summer!! 😆

「夏日黃金Water Fun」」開始咗啦!炎炎夏日,消暑活動首選👍🏻💦😎 "Golden Summer Water Fun" starts today! With summer in full swing, one of the best ways to keep the whole family cool is by playing with water! Please join us!
詳情 Details:

【Captain B.Duck 鬼馬出巡 Meet & Greet】
鐘意B.Duck嘅你點可以錯過同佢合照一張呢?! 嚟緊嘅星期日下晝,Captain B.Duck都會喺黃金海岸商場出巡,快D嚟捕捉他吧! Come and take selfie with Captain B.Duck on Sundays at the Piazza!

日期 Date: 逢星期日 On Sundays (15, 22, 29/7; 5, 12, 19, 26/8; 2/9)
時間 Time: 4pm - 5:45pm

香港黃金海岸 B.Duck 仲夏假期正式開始!Hong Kong Gold Coast B.Duck Summer Vacation is officially started! 🎉
#香港黃金海岸 #黃金海岸 #hkgoldcoast #黃金海岸商場 #goldcoastpiazza #bduck #summervacation

【夏日禮遇 🎁 Summer Delight】
暑假就嚟到啦,有無打算出外渡假? 嚟黃金海岸商場消費嘅您,記得憑消費單據換領埋B.Duck行李帶及行李牌乙套! 等B.Duck同您過個開心仲夏! It’s summer time! Planning for a summer vacation? Innovative design B.Duck Luggage Strap & Luggage Tag sets are up for grabs at Gold Coast Piazza! B.Duck will always stay with you for the whole summer!
一般顧客消費金額為HK$600; 黃金海岸住宅住戶、黃金海岸鄉村俱樂部.遊艇會及Sino Club 信和薈會員則為HK$500。General Shoppers' spending amount is HK$600. Residents of HKGC, Members of GCYCC & Sino Club can enjoy the offer upon same-day spending HK$500 or above.
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