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Gold Coast Piazza 黃金海岸商場  This is Gold Coast Piazza's official account.Share your amazing moments with us via #goldcoastpiazza


落左成幾個星期雨,呢個週末難得好天當然要走出戶外,讓我們看雲去!~♪~ 咁去邊好? 呢個星期六、日,黃金海岸商場將舉辦手作市集,岩哂你啦!
It has been raining for weeks and finally come a sunny weekend. Let's go out for a walk at Gold Coast Piazza! A Summer Weekend Market will be conducted on 24-25 Jun! See you there!

Happy Father's Day!
Dad, I Love u!

Photo from internet!

【最後召集 Final Call 】
Shopping! Playing! Dining! Let's celebrate the Father's Day with your beloved dad at Wine & Gourmet Festival and Handcraft Fair in Gold Coast Piazza! What's more? Redeem the white wine upon spending of HK$1000 at Gold Coast Piazza or restaurants of Gold Coast Hotel.

香港天文台宣布預計在今天(6月12日)下午5時30分或以前發出八號熱帶氣旋警告信號,本港風勢將會加強。政府提醒返家路程偏遠、轉折或居住離島的市民,現應啟程回家。大家注意安全呀! The Hong Kong Observatory announces that the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Number 8 is expected to be issued at or before 5:30 p.m. today (12 Jun 2017). Winds locally will strengthen further. The Government advises members of the public with long or difficult home journeys or having to return to outlying islands to begin their journeys now.

#八號 #SignalNo8 #goldcoastpiazza #黃金海岸商場

【三號強風信號現正懸掛】今朝仲天色晴朗,而家就已經烏雲密佈啦。大家記得唔好掉以輕心,出門記得帶遮,屋企都要做足防風措施呀! 【Signal No 3 issued】It was sunny in the early morning and now it is going to rain! Don't forget to take an umbrella with you and protect your home from severe winds!

#三號風球 #SignalNo3 #goldcoastpiazza #黃金海岸商場

Whim n' Rhythm of Yale University Show Time!

耶魯大學Whim'n Rhythm巡迴到黃金海岸商場啦!不用飛到美國都可以欣賞到名牌學府為我們帶來的無伴奏合唱表演! 約定你6月10日見啦!
Whim'n Rhythm of Yale University comes to Gold Coast Piazza! You can enjoy the a cappella performance from the world's top university in Hong Kong! See you on 10 June!

日期Date: 10/6/2017 (星期六 Sat)
時間Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm
地點Venue: 黃金海岸商場 Gold Coast Piazza

#耶魯大學 #YaleUniversity #WhimnRhyth #acappella #無伴奏合唱 #黃金海岸商場 #goldcoastpiazza

父親節有計劃去哪了嗎? – 帶爸爸們去一個有吃、有喝、有玩的地方就最好不過了! 6月15至18日 (星期四至日),黃金海岸商場將舉辦美酒佳餚節,左手一把美饌佳餚,右手輕晃酒杯,品酌美酒,必定是爸爸們的最愛。最後兩天更為您帶來親親爸爸週末手作市集,屆時有特色手作、遊戲攤位、工作坊和才藝表演。各式各樣的娛樂節目盡在黃金海岸商場,歡迎您與家人同來享受家庭樂! 另外,於黃金海岸商場 / 香港黃金海岸酒店餐廳,即日以電子貨幣*消費滿港幣1,000元,即可換領白酒乙瓶。數量有限,換完即止!
Start thinking about how you're going to celebrate the upcoming Father's Day? What could be more perfect than bringing your dad to a place full of his favorite – wine & gourmet! During 15-18 Jun 2017 (Thu-Sun), Gold Coast Piazza will become the venue of Wine & Gourmet Festival. Let’s go for a mouth-watering gourmet snack set, or enjoy drinking spirits here! A Handcraft Fair will be also conducted on the last 2 days. Handcraft products, game booths, handmade workshops, and performance can be found here. Whatever kinds of entertainment you're looking for, you'll find it at Gold Coast Piazza! Besides, you have a chance to redeem one bottle of White Wine upon same-day spending of HK$1,000 by electronic payment* at the Gold Coast Piazza or restaurants in the Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel. What are you waiting for? Act now!

#白酒 #著數 #父親節 #黃金海岸商場 #whitewine #jetso #fathersday #goldcoastpiazza

Rice Dumplings should be eaten while it's still hot! Enjoy your Dragon Boat Festival! 🐉⛵️
#ricedumpling #dragonboat #goldcoastpiazza #粽 #龍舟 #黃金海岸商場

明天有一日端午節假期,出唔到遠門,倒不如就留返係香港,潮玩宅度假! 黃金海岸有沙灘、酒店、遊艇會、仲有商場,而家仲舉行緊「迷你車團」平衡單車親子大賽同市集,最適合輕輕鬆鬆休息返日啦!
1 day public holiday for Dragon Boat Festival tomorrow! Let’s stay in HK and enjoy leisure activities nearby! You can find beach, hotel, yacht club, piazza, and "Mini Bikers" Balance Bike Parent-Child Race here at Gold Coast! Gold Coast is such a good place for staycation!

#宅度假 #黃金海岸 #staycation #Goldcoast

明天,比賽就正式開始啦! 為各車團可以準時報到,溫馨提示呼籲大家盡量乘搭公共交通工具到達會場。如必須駕車到場的話,除商場內,黃金泳灘亦設有公眾車場架! - 預備備! 出發!
詳細公共交通工具路線請參閱: http://www.goldcoastpiazza.com.hk/zh-hk/location-transportation
The race starts tomorrow! To ensure bikers can check in on time, a friendly reminder to use public transport to the venue. Apart from parking at Piazza, we also encourage parking at Golden Beach’s public Car park if you need to drive. Mini Bikers. Get. Set. Go!
For details of taking public transportation, please refer to http://www.goldcoastpiazza.com.hk/en-us/location-transportation

【夏雪音樂盛會at屯門沙灘節2017 Tuen Mun Beach Festival 2017】
Come to join the Tuen Mun Beach Festival 2017 this Sat at Golden Beach & Cafeteria New Beach!
日期 Date: 27/5/2017 (星期六 Sat)
時間 Time: 2:00pm-9:00pm
地點 Venue: 屯門黃金泳灘及新咖啡灣泳灘 Golden Beach & Cafeteria New Beach

#夏雪音樂盛會 #屯門沙灘節2017 #黃金泳灘 #新咖啡灣泳灘 #音樂盛會 #AGA #陳柏宇 #Rubberband #TuenMunBeachFestival #GoldenBeach #CafeteriaNewBeach

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