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I used to hate training back, and now I love it!! The best tip I can give, that works for me: Chest up, out, shoulders down and back, retract your scapula, let your back feel the weight, pull back through your elbows, and pretend to squeeze a pencil between your rhomboids. Squeezing stimulates more hypertrophy! If you feel it in your biceps/forearms too much then it's too heavy! I'm trying to learn how to contract my whole back without my lats completely taking over. Mind muscle connection is key🔑

315x3, I've been wanting this for a little while now!!! I honestly didn't know if I had that 3rd rep, but I tried!! @bigzaelifts @jakenewton101 @hellestrong @jaysemi165blbc @boulder_fit @kelseykoester @alpha_brew @humbleone4ever @natureboyzoo

FAMILY💯 @bigzaelifts @jakenewton101 @jweezy_fit_21

October 2015, I did my first NPC show, completely in the dark, I wanted to try it out; testing myself mentally and physically. I signed up for bodybuilding, but I was told that I didn't have enough upper body mass for bodybuilding by a nutritionist/pro bodybuilder. I usually have a weight loss comparison, but here's a weight gain comparison. It took me awhile to be okay with gaining weight because I've always been overweight in the wrong way. I stepped on stage at 193lbs at 6'0", I lost 20lbs in 10 weeks with a considerable amount of strength loss unfortunately. I'm currently 6'0" 237lbs roughly 17% body fat. This sport is about progression, support, learning, etc. I love it!

When you swear you saw a Twinkie at the top of a pull up bar👀🤔😂😂

Someone said exercise or EXTRA FRIES??👀👀

I was confident I would hit 545lbs especially since 5 plates flew up. Disappointed in myself, but failure makes us successful. I'll come back and smack this 5 and a quarter!


I like these 7 reps of 275 way better, my grip was closer, these are more controlled and full reps. No belt too! I'm tired of being bullied by the bench 😂 I had to get my boy Shane to spot me, he can rep 405 with ease😱 #LimitBreaker

We had Red Lobster yesterday🙄 Thank you for a wonderful birthday dinner, I love you😀

Leg volume first then squat!!! Works for me!! Trying something new: 30 reps 20 reps 15 reps 10 reps then whatever I can get on the last set, going heavier, got this from my boy @alpha_brew. In addition to 5 sets of pump work, I did rep work for 2 sets until failure! Leg ext, machine leg press both and unilateral, hip adduction, hamstring curl, sumo squat with tbar row, squat 135x5 225x4 315x1 405x1 455x1 in sleeves no belt. Talk about cardiNO😂😂 #Limitbreaker

That new MEEK MILL is hard😎🔥 #Limitbreaker

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