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Blake Martin  22Gym💪 Live/Learn/Mindset🌎 Dragon Ball Z🔥 Fitness Enthusiast💥 bmartin289@gmail.com📧 Improve slow and steady💨 Limit Breaker🌹 510/350/530 @240lbs


I met 3 brothers of Christ while I was training tonight and I was fortunate enough to cross paths with them. It's crazy how God works in life and through people. Josh, and Shane prayed with and over me, and I could really feel it!!! It was amazing, it was like a fire burning strong within myself. It was all the right things I needed to hear from my brothers of Christ and iron tonight. It was way too good of an experience not to share!

Some back and bi's today, working on not looking like my man rex from Toy Story💀😂

This is what happens when you have 8 strikes in a row then hit the pocket and leave the 7-10 split🙄🤔 #ThisGuyisTrash🚮🚮🚮 #bowling #strike #rotogrip #storm

Solid Leg Day in the books, I went in on them birthday cake glazed donuts last night with a whole lasagna maybe like 8" by 11" which isn't a whole lot for me😂😂 Chest/Back 47"
Legs 29"
Arms 17 1/4"
Waist 36"
17% body fat
We don't talk about calves😂
Let's growwww!! Go Super Saiyan🔥

You can do it!!! I love helping and watching people progress in the gym and in life💯 I look at that guy in the mirror and ask him "How will you get better?" Help people any way you can!👍 learn, grow, achieve📚

I was almost done with my session then STEFFF AND ZOOO came through and I had to join them and get that WORK!!! I'm beat up!!! The gains are secured!!!😎🔥🏋💪 #RepTheSet #SimpleStrategy

Family Reunion⚘
Weights🏋 &
Birthday cakes🍨

I didn't feel like training, but I still got after it!! Chest, shoulders, triceps!! My grandma's birthday is around the corner, and I know she's smiling down, cheering me on!!😎⚘ "That's my grandson!!!"

Don't be afraid to push yourself, you're capable of far more than you think💯

Happy Birthday Kels!!🤗 Enjoy your day, I'm so proud of you! Enjoy your internship and trip to Costa Rica, I love you😊!

I used to be embarrassed about my bench because it was abysmal. I'm a natural squatter, and deadlifts come easy to me; However, that bench likes to diss me😂! 2016 of March Vs. 2017 June: 225 struggling for 2-3 reps to 225 sets of 4x10 or repping out. If you feel like you're not progressing, YOU ARE!!! Patience and consistency, we shall get there!!💪 Thought I hit 20, but miscounted and hit 19😭 I've hit 20 before, but next time I'll hit 25😤

Fun under the sun☺

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