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Blake Martin  22Gym💪 Live/Learn/Mindset🌎 Dragon Ball Z🔥 Fitness Enthusiast💥 bmartin289@gmail.com📧 Improve slow and steady💨 Limit Breaker🌹 585/365/585 @250lbs


I had to get another picture with BIG CUTLER!! It's been 2 years since I've competed, and he told me that I should do it again. He said I look solid and good which is very assuring coming from someone of his caliber!! He asked a little about my training, I love how he takes the time to talk to his fans, real genuine dude!

Swipe left for more. It's been close to 4 years of hard training, I'm currently 250lbs. Whether you lift 20lbs or 200lbs we're all there to work and support one another. I'll go into the gym and have 10 to 15 min or so conversations with a few people especially the ones I'm tight with. Asking how they're doing, how their day was, how their training is going. I love listening to the excitement people emit when I listen to them explain something they're passionate about. Anyway, the donuts await me🤷😂

COACH BBC was off the tight wraps @hellestrong 6 wheels on squats!! Just a smidge high, but it wasn't as heavy as I thought. MONEY TIME 💰 @humbleone4ever @bigzaelifts @jweezy_fit_21 @jakenewton101 @natureboyzoo @fbaftermath @russwole

International Chest Day, we came to EF stuff up😎💪 MONEY TIME 💰

495x3 in sleeves, these were a tad high being completely honest, but nonetheless, I was feeling WAY TOO GOOD TODAY!! Squats felt too good @russwole @fbaftermath getting there
600lbs coming SOON


We had the squad in here tonight off the heavy weight, it was a wonderful time💪🙏 loud music, squad, rep, dance😂

535lbs in sleeves, normally I wrap at 495. Watch til the end Big Z was my video man😂😂😂. This flew up, but sure didn't feel like it🤷!! #limitbreaker @fbaftermath @russwole @beastmodejones @strength_cartel @pitbull_torres @mr_orlando @bigscboy gotta get my weight up💪

6 WHEELS!!!!! Switched to sumo pulling to utilize my hams and glutes, and to sit back, I fought the hell out of this Rep. Lowkey thought about dropping it, but I WANTED IT🤷💪😎🙏 #Limitbreaker

I had to see what 4 plates was talking with the sling shot by BIG JAY @jaysemi181 and of course Big Zae was up here @bigzaelifts they had us running in class today, so no cardio for 12 months at least🤷😂

Scroll left to see the sumo Deadlifts. I planned on doing cardio, but I was in a rush to get to school🤷😂 405x12 which was hella cardio💀. Still working on sitting back when it comes to squats and deads, and utilizing my hams and glutes more. Also eating 5000 calories or more a day is amazing

Post leg day selfie!! I was in there today😂😂😂😂😂😂

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