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Blake Martin  22Gym💪 Live/Learn/Mindset🌎 Dragon Ball Z🔥 Fitness Enthusiast💥 bmartin289@gmail.com📧 Improve slow and steady💨 Limit Breaker🌹 545/365/530 @240lbs



My competition is the guy in the mirror!! Work to break your limits and challenge yourself!! Trained squats tonight which went way better this week!! I was a little doubtful, but the weight was moving better than expected!! 242lbs 17% bf 6'0"

It's been a long day, but I was looking forward to loud gangsta music and the iron!! It was a mental battle at first, but we got that mind right and got after it!!

The amount of volume today was amazing @hellestrong DEADLIFTS!! Less than 9 weeks out from my first meet!!! I'm determined!!!!
LET'S WORK!!! @bigzaelifts @jakenewton101

Often times in life we're presented with challenges; but how you choose to react is key!!💯

A wonderful start to the week, after church and it's a beautiful Sunday with this gorgeous gem😊 I love you, thank you for everything you do for me, and for being the great person you are; I'm very proud of you!🤗

Fat boy attempting pull-ups, wanna get my back strong and thick!! Photocred📸 @bigzaelifts

I was on top of water and carbs today, worked 12 hours, and hit a bomb push day👍💪 LET'S WORK!!!

"Driven by achievement. Obsessed with results." ~Beyond Raw🔥

SQUAT DAY WITH COACH BBC AND BIG JAY! SMACKED 545, wasn't gonna let it disrespect me twice!!! @hellestrong off the wraps aka COACH BBC @jaysemi181 off the camera and hype!! @kelseykoester @bigzaelifts @jakenewton101 @humbleone4ever @iamjwarren

Today was a good day, the kids had a bomb day at camp. I was happy to do a presentation on lifestyle changes which targeted more so of presenting exercise and food knowledge. I'm a happy camper🤘😎👍

Disclaimer: This rep wasn't the cleanest and I don't care at all, I'm here to beat myself and challenge my limits. I lift for me👌

365 for a touch and go, butt up too, no reason why my bench was weak for so long. I'm finally proud of myself when it comes to bench. MY GUY @kota_classic convinced me to try it😎

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