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This summer, my beloved niece and nephew spent a month with me, creating memories to treasure forever. Little did I know, they did me a favor and helped me on the road to healing from the tragedy of their father's suicide. Thank you to friends for inspiring this post and pushing me to share and heal. Not easy to talk about this.... but if it can help you or someone in need... it is worth it.

Latest blog: "What Kids Taught Me About Coping with Suicide Loss" at bit.ly/kidscoping (link in bio)

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A poignant love letter from @ToanLamTV to himself, inspired by a quiet epiphany amid seasons of beauty and darkness.

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So proud of fearless leader @kalavenugopal for leading another inspiring and 💥 POWerful Day of Giving. Empowering the next generation of philanthropists and spreading kindness in a supersized day of service projects in Northern California. It only takes one small act to change someone’s life in a big way. ~ @toanlamtv

Thank you, Kathy Chow, executive director of @AAJAofficial, for inspiring us to rise above our struggles and find joy no matter what life throws at us. @k9094

Read our latest blog at bit.ly/newstory2018 (link in bio)

Wow @sifumimichan is a ninja in many regards including her interviewing chops as the host of #culturechat #podcast. She got me to open up with questions I’ve never been asked. If you need inspiration to follow your truth ✨listen up! Check out her podcast 🎤 Culture Chat 💪🏽 so fun ✨(culturechatpodcast.com/toanlam)

“Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” These electrifying words not only spoke volumes to me during the 75th Golden Globe Awards, but accentuated how @Oprah has been a guiding force throughout my life.

As an Asian American kid who grew up in a trailer park, I may not have been Oprah's main demographic, but growing up watching her show religiously, her words and lessons have transformed me all the same.

For more on the life-changing impact Oprah has had on me, check out my latest @goinspirego blog (link in bio).
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Happy 2018! I believe that achieving a goal and manifesting your dreams starts with intention. I always dreamed of being featured on @forbes but didn’t think my story mattered. Well last year my immigrant story and passionwork(s) @truthdaretalk was featured on Forbes. The year before @goinspirego was featured. The editors pulled this quote that is the reason for why I do what I do ✨ inspire YOU to discover and use your unique power with the world. Several people have asked me how I set my intentions, so I blogged about it. Some folks tell me they want to give up on their dreams. Hold on, set your intentions and take action. It’ll happen if it’s aligned with your talent. Blog in bio 👆🏼BIG love to all, we are ready for you #2018 !

My initial prejudices against @CrossFit were rooted in my insecurities and low-self esteem. After researching the heck out of it and deciding to take the plunge, I'm proud to share that CrossFit has changed me physically, mentally and spiritually and even intellectually.

Full story at GoInspireGo.com (link in bio). And for my new interviews with @sfcf founders @JulietStarrett and Kelly Starrett (pictured), visit @TruthDareTalk.

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Growing up in an extremely poor family, Steven Ng never had much. His uncle in China wanted to change that, buying him a PS2 with his entire month's salary. Steven never forgot this act of generosity and 15 years later, as an adult, found a way to say thanks in a big way.
As we head into Thanksgiving Week, to whom can we open our hearts and to whom can we show gratitude?
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Dozens of caregivers and #caregiving professionals gathered in Silicon Valley today for a screening of @toanlamtv's documentary "Caregiving: The Circle of Love," produced in partnership with #AARP. The film looks at three caregiving heroes in the Chinese American community, including historian @20lilypix15 and MSNBC's @richardlui. We all are, have been, or will be recipients of care or providers of care, and hope this and other resources on AARP.org will help get the conversation around this important topic going in your family.

Thrilled to announce the awe-inspiring lineup for Season 2 of the @truthdaretalk podcast, hosted by @toanlamtv!

Hear from an illegal immigrant who became a Michelin star chef, a bully victim who teaches how to say "The Good Goodbye," and legendary @CrossFit pioneers who sacrificed greatly to pursue their dreams.

Learn more in our preview at bit.ly/TruthDareS2pre and listen to all of @ToanLamTV's truth-telling conversations at TruthDareTalk.com.

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What a #POWerful @comheroes board meeting 💪🏽love joining forces with these real life #heroes to brainstorm and activate the next generation of heroes. Lots of exciting magic in the works. Stay tuned... ✨
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