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Rizky Prambudi Tanrian  someone is in my head but it's not me

The Bat Cave!!
No, seriously...this really is a bat cave...

樹海 (Jukai, the Sea of Trees),
a.k.a. the Suicide Forest.


Grow old along with me, two branches of one tree. Face the setting sun, when the day is done.

The Phoenix Hall at Byodo-in, the only building that completely survived many fires and destruction compared to other buildings in the temple compound since its construction in 1053.

Murasaki Shikibu, the lady-in-waiting who wrote Genji Monogatari (Tale of Genji), which considered to be the world first novel. The original manuscripts are written in Heian-period archaic court language that was already unintelligible a century later. Her statue lay in Uji where the later "Uji chapters" took place after the death of Genji, the titular protagonist.

I do enjoy playing with kids. Honestly.
Not simply because they're cute.
But because they're brutally honest.

Autumn masks death with a spectacular display of beauty.


Ewige Wiederkunft

British House

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the death, I shall fear no evil.