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Go Fund Me  Help Bella Jones get a prosthetic doggy leg! Just $1 will help. Share a post with your friends or family.

For those of you who have not read Bella's story
Bella's Story: November 16th 2016, Bella was in the front yard playing catch with a 10 year old boy Jason (Bella's Human Best friend). In fact, every afternoon around 3pm Bella would wait outside for Jason to come home from school on the school bus. One windy day, as Jason came home from school, he was greeted by Bella hopping on top of him with her favorite bouncy ball in her mouth. Bella handed Jason the ball and begin playing fetch, Bella running fast through the wind to retrieve the ball. The next time Jason threw the ball, it landed in the middle of the road, and without any precautions Bella sprinted to retrieve the ball. A SUV came speeding down the street and crashed into Bella and immediately fled the scene. Bella was left drenched in blood whimpering in the middle of the cold road with one of her legs barely attached to her body. Once Jason's constant screaming and panic alerted Bella's owner, she was quickly taken to the veterinary hospital. Luckily Bella survived, but was left with three legs. As of now, Bella gets around okay but her heart is not the same before the tragic accident. There are days when Bella will lie down for an extensive amount of time instead of engaging in active play with other dogs. Helping Bella get a prosthetic dog leg will improve her well being and increase her happiness. Reposting and any donations will be appreciated. Bella's gofundme link is located in my bio. Thank you ❀ #accident #bellastory #petlover #savepets #sad #gofundme #donate #instadog #instasize #gofundme #gofundmedonations #helppets

Guess what time it is ?!?

Good morning sunshine! Bella's feeling a little down this morning, but her day will be full of excitement very soon. Start your day off on a blank slate by donating any amount to Bella's go fund me to help her get her prosthetic doggy leg. The link to Bella's gofundme is in my bio. If you cannot donate, prayers and shares are welcome! #instasize #instadog #pitbull #threeleggeddog #donations #accidents #gofundme #gofundmedonations

Hello my amazing followers! Donations are progressing and there is still plenty of time to raise money to help Bella get her prosthetic doggy leg, even if the goal isn't reached. Bella would love for you guys to donate any amount you can because every dollar counts! If you cannot donate, your prayers and shares will be cherished. Bella's gofundme link is located in my bio. Thank you guys, and I hope your day is going PAWESOME!! #helpbella #gofundme #petlovers #pitbull #threeleggeddog #instapuppy #instasize #instadog #donations #love #gofundmedonations

Hi guys! Just a friendly reminder that Bella is still accepting donations, prayers, and shares. The link to Bella's gofundme is in my bio #helpbella #threeleggeddog #pitbull #gofundme #petlovers #dogs #accident #surgery

Hello my amazing followers! Donations are continuing to be accepted, so it would be great if more people can donate even $1. If you cannot donate shares and prayers will be much appreciated. Thank you πŸΆβ€πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ The link to Bella's gofundme me is in my bio. #donations #teambella #helpdogs #helppets #pitbull #petlover #accident #threeleggeddog

Good morning you dog lovers!❀ I have recently been questioned on whether or not this fundraiser is "bogus", and I would just like to make it aware to all of you followers that this campaign is legit and is for Bella's prosthetic doggy leg. In fact, there is already a source ready to provide Bella with a prosthetic doggy leg. This prosthetic leg is said to be completely different then other prosthetic legs and will attach to Bella's truncated right hind leg. This carbon-fiber leg will attach to her leg bone using a titanium fitting. This procedure is expensive and will come up to $5000 not including therapy. Recently, I have looked online at regular prosthetic legs that range anywhere from $600 to $2000, these are the legs that can be attached and removed from the dog, and there are cases where a dog is able to knock it off easily. The first procedure is very expensive and without many donations that will no longer be an option. Perhaps I could raise enough money for Bella to get an regular, detachable prosthetic leg. What are you guys suggestions on this? Should I stick with the proposition of getting Bella a carbon fiber leg that will attach to her bone using a titanium fitting? Or should I switch to raising money for a regular detachable prosthetic leg and hope that Bella will feel comfortable wearing it? #gofundme #helppets #helpdogs #helpbella #pitbull #threeleggeddog #surgery #prosthetic #love #dogs #donations

Many times Bella feels sad and gloomy and doesn't want to get up to play. #gofundmedonations #gofundme #bellasstorys #helppets #hurtdog #helpbella #teambella #donate

Hey guys let's try to get more donations! Please donate, share, or both! Any donation will help and is greatly appreciated. Let's get involve and help make Bella's life happier, if your a dog lover! The link to Bella's go fund me is in my bio and located below: https://instagram.com/p/6-se73SEvz/ #pitbull #dogs #donate #helppets #helpbella #bellasstorys #gofundme #gofundmedonations

Guys let's try to get more donations for Bella's prosthetic dog leg! Share, donate, or both! Any amount will help. The link to Bella's gofundme is https://instagram.com/p/6-se73SEvz/ Also the link is in my bio. Thanks guys! #gofundme #bellasstorys #petlover #donate #dogs #pitbull #teambella

I wanted to give a shoutout to @misssashka and Bella's very first donater for their generosity to fund for Bella a Prosthetic Doggy Leg! Wohooooo!!πŸ’‹πŸ‘£πŸΆπŸΆπŸΆ Your donations are greatly appreciated. #gofundme #bellasstorys #gofundmedonations #pitbull #threeleggeddog #accident #helpdogs #hurtdog

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