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The biggest Failure in Life is not Failure itself, it's the Regret of not trying.

You never regret of what you've not been through. You will cherish the Super Highs and the Super lows in your Life.

When you over come your struggles, You will never say "I wish it didn't happen" because that's exactly the reason why you are so Strong and Awesome today.

The only thing you do not want to say is "I wish I had atleast taken a chance. My life could have been different". Always be willing to take risks in life. You have enough of ability to figure your shit out. Do the difficult things when they are easy to do. Right now you are young and have less responsibilities. You have the most energy and the most efficient mental capacity to go through the life struggles. Make the best use of it and escape the regret of "Not Trying"

By abhinav fitness

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We all have GOALS and ASPIRATIONS. But what if I told you, it was all a Lie
Those Goals are actually not your destination. How many times have you achieved your set goals only to find out that the Happiness of achieving them is very short lived. Just at the advent of anticipation that you "will" achieve them, the dopamine effect starts diminishing
The reality is we are bloody "greedy" species. Unlike other animals we do not stop at Sex Shelter, and Food. We crave and need to satisfy a lot of other attachments. I wished I was someone who was Free from attachments, but I think those attachments are exactly the reason that push us to become the better versions of ourselves
Along with envisioning about your goals, start envisioning about the Person that deserves to achieve those goals. What kind of a Person you need to be to deserve all that you want and start Reverse Engineering that Persona
Focus as to How hard that Better Version of You is Working, how he/she is balancing various aspects of life, how he/she will create massive value in other people's lives. I can bet on my life, this small change in your Visualisation habit will steadfast in your journey to achieve Greatness
Focus on the Person that deserves your dreams, and your dreams will manifest as a Side Effect... By @abhinavfitness
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