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Hey @aliciakeys! Today I visited the amazing Youth Zone at the Mombasa Family Care Clinic run by the visionary Dr. Samira Osman. @gocampaign is happy to have partnered with @keepachildalive to refurbish and outfit this youth centre for those affected by HIV and gender based violence. Dr. Samira and her team of professional staff and volunteers are reducing mother to child HIV transmission by great percentages; moreover they are counseling and mentoring youth with a team of doctors, psychologists, and peer advisors, giving not only medical care but life skills training and ultimately bright productive futures to so many youth! Thank you @keepachildalive for introducing @gocampaign to this great Local Hero who is changing the lives of so many.

One guy painting the tower, standing on a ladder hanging from above.

The kind woman in front of me bought me this local treat she said is not available anywhere else. Freshly shaved coconut and sugar, cooked and caramelized and rolled into a little ball of coconut caramel heaven.

Proof that you needn’t put down roots anywhere. Just grow where you want to grow.

Not sure if I’m about to eat spiced ginger crab or perform surgery...

This is Hezron, who is on his way to university soon. He plans to become a doctor. He’s come a long way from living on the streets. Last night I took him out to a restaurant only to discover it was his first time ever eating in a restaurant. Here he is, having just used a dinner knife for the first time, a new skill he was proud to acquire. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is for me to be able to experience so many things that we take for granted, through the eyes of those who are experiencing them for the first time. It’s great to be able to experience so many simple “firsts” and appreciate them myself for the first time too.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Beyond. This Machame route, up and down in 5 1/2 days, was relentless: the grade of incline and decline, lack of sleep, lack of oxygen, the cold, throw in a smashed toe for good measure... then, exhausted and depleted, you still have to go all the way back down! But we did it! All to help change lives of special needs children whose smiles and strength lifted us up the highest mountain in Africa. Swipe for photos and video. @gocampaign #goclimbkili #climbingforacause

The youth at Gabriella Centre, who were once cast out from society, learn to be proud of who they are. Here some tailoring students show off their fashions. A skill that not only generates income, but generates confidence! #goclimbkili #climbingforacause @gocampaign

Day 4 of our charity climb for special needs children. You can support us at www.gocampaign.com. Here is video from our final camp before the summit! Hard to sleep at this elevation - I can feel my elevated heart rate. Hiked this far in a slipper, gotta keep going! We are a determined group! @gocampaign #goclimbkili #climbingforacause

More video from Day 3. The higher we go, the slower we have to go. #goclimbkili #climbingforacause @gocampaign

I had an unfortunate Indiana Jones moment on Day 3 of our climb: a loose boulder chased me down the mountain. I was able to dance around it however my big toe was not so lucky. Despite a swollen black and purple toe, I finished the day and hopped to the next campsite. “What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you.” #goclimbkili #climbingforacause @gocampaign

Follow my Kili Climb! Day 2! #goclimbkili #climbingforacause @gocampaign

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