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God’s Love We Deliver  #FoodIsMedicine #FoodIsLove Cooking and delivering delicious, medically tailored meals for people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves.

We love that our volunteers take us everywhere they go! Our kitchen volunteer Ilda took us with her to the Great Wall of China this summer! #ildaaroundtheworld

We are THRILLED to be partners with @colorfactoryco on their pop-up installation on Spring Street! 🎨 Not only is @colorfactoryco the MOST fun, but at the very end in the gift shop there is a special desk where folks can decorate birthday cards for our clients! For every card that is purchased and decorated, one God’s Love birthday cake will be sponsored. Stay tuned for our own amazing installation, coming soon!

Celebrating a whopping TWENTY-SEVEN years of volunteering by our amazing Roz!! Back in 1991 Roz started volunteering after she saw the food we had been delivering to her son, Fred. He was on our program for just three months before he passed away from AIDS and after he did, Roz said, “It’s payback time.” She’s been volunteering with us ever since. We love you, Roz!!

Today’s the last day to sign up for #ChucksTasteTest!
🍪 🍪🍪🍪
Sign up for monthly giving at $15 or more TODAY at the ☝️link in our bio ☝️and we'll send you four desserts made from scratch by #ChucktheBaker. ❤️ When you join our #KitchenCabinet monthly giving program at $15, you provide one life-saving, nutritious meal and one breakfast kit every month for a parent and child affected by severe illness. All of our meals are individually tailored to each client's diagnosis and delivered to their home.🍪 Sign up to take part in Chuck’s Taste Test today — let him know which is your favorite treat!
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Tfw it’s going to be a great day of delivering meals to clients! ❤️ 🚚 (Thanks for van assisting, @lanafayefaye!) #Repost @lanafayefaye
Hand delivering meals today! God's Love We Deliver is a non-profit organization which cooks and home-delivers nutritious, individually tailored meals to people in the New York City metropolitan area living with severe illness. Always in need of volunteers so look them up and get involved ❤️
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We think so too, Tat! 💫 #TatTuesday

Made it through Monday! 👍

🍪Two days left to get the cookies of your dreams!!🍪 Okay, that sounds a lil’ dramatic, but trust us — you do NOT want to miss out on the chance to get three of #ChucksFamousCookies and one of #ChucksFamousBrownies!! Get these four delicious desserts for FREE when you sign up for monthly giving at $15 or more by August 15 at the link in our bio!
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Friendly reminder that our volunteers are ❤️ amazing ❤️!! Whether you have a few hours every week, or a few hours once a month, every volunteer shift you take on will make a difference in the lives of our volunteers neighbors. 🎉 So please join us! 🎉 Sign up at the link in our bio! #GiveBackGiveLove 🎥: @peter.pavlakis

💪Team work makes the dream work! 👊(And also makes it possible for us to cook and home-deliver 1.8 million meals each year to New Yorkers living with severe and chronic illness!). .
With your help we’re: .
❤️ Nourishing neighbors.
❤️ Improving health.
❤️ Delivering love.

Sign up to join our team of volunteers at the link in our bio! 📸: @rdemano

“There are so many amazing and fulfilling ways to help others! ❤️ “ ~ @bigandmilky
We’re so grateful for @bigandmilky for delivering meals and delivering ❤️ to our clients living with severe illness today! And a great shoutout to our friends @nycares!

#Repost @bigandmilky
It may not look like much but I got to live my delivery boy fantasy and spent my morning walking around the Upper West Side delivering meals, with @godslovenyc, to individuals who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves!
A good workout for the body and soul! 🌈
@godslovenyc was founded in 1985 when one woman began delivering food on her bicycle to a man dying from AIDS.
God's Love now cooks more than 7,000 meals each weekday.
If you are looking to get involved, an easy Google search will let you know of many ways to volunteer within your community!
If you live in NYC, become a volunteer with @nycares! Visit newyorkcares.org to sign up!
There are so many amazing and fulfilling ways to help others! ❤️