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박준형 god Joon Park  Just ridin the sky blue wave of life~ GOD BLESS!!!


요오우~ 어느새 내가태어난지 48년이나지난내... 차암나~ 사실 생일이라는날의 진짜주인공은 나한태생명을주신 우리엄마지~ 엄마의 희생과 마는고생과 엄마가준 마는영양과 사랑덕분애 박준형이란사람은 여기까지온거야~ 엄마덕분애 마는사람들한태 사랑두밧구 사랑두줄수있구... 하루하루가 지날수록 엄마가나한태 어렸을때해줫든말들이 더욱더 이해가돼구 더욱더 다가오구 더욱더 고마워~ 이재아빠가돼서 엄마한태서 배운뭐든것들과 사랑을 애기한태두 줄수있개해줘서 너무 고마워~ 사랑해 엄마 and 앞으루도 May God ALWAYS BLESS YOU with 건강과 행복함 For MANY MANY MORE DECADES to Come ~!♡ 빼애앰~!♡ P.S. 글구 내생일을추카해준마는 팬쥐꼬맹쓰들 땡큐 배뤼맛취 U guys are all my Pride Strength and Power!
Yo~ I can't believe that ii has already been 48 years since my birth~sheesh~!^^ But in all reality the real star of anyone's birthday is not the person who was born But their mother's who gave them life! All of my Mom's hardships, nutrients in life and love have made me who I am today and has enabled me to stand here in front of you today~ She has always given so much and has never asked back anything in return... She has given me Love and has taught me to love~ As each and everyday passes I remember all the things she has taught me and each and everyday I understand why she taught me the things that she did and each and everyday those words sink deeper into my heart and I realize how much she as given up of her own self to raise all of us and I cannot thank her enough for that~ And now as a father I can teach my daughter all the things I have learned from my Mom and also give her the same love that my Mom has given me~ Thank you Mom once again for giving me Life, Love, and Everything~ I Love You Mom and May God Always Bless You with The BEST of HEALTH and HAPPINESS for MANY MANY MORE DECADES to Come~! BBBAAAMMM!!!^^ Oh and to all u awesome fans who have given me so many great Birthday wishes Thank U Tons! U guys are all My Pride Strength and Power!

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#Love #JuLy20th1969

#ps요옛날사진애엄마살쪗을때글구누나빤쯔입구있는거올려서미안쏠칫쏠근대난이사진이좋와매애앤 #빼애앰

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요오우~ 오늘 울 fangod 꼬맹쓰들 0720 Party 꾸며주구 와줘서 넘고맙구즐거웠어 매애앤~! 글구 당첨못돼서 못온 꼬맹쓰들두 있찌마 항상마음속으로는 함깨라는거! U are ALL my Pride Strength & Power!
다들 살랑해~! 빼애앰!
Yo~ for all those who made it out to the 0720 Party I thank u all for being there and for coordinating it all and for those who unfortunately couldn't make the cut I thank u all also and remember that u are ALWAYS all in my heart wherever I stand as u are my Pride Strength and Power! ♡ u all! BBBAAAMMM!!!
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#날씨두덥구그런대다들물마니마시구집애들조심희들드러가구집애가서시원하개샤워들하구구박쓰아니믄차매들깍거먹구주말들마무리잘하구매애앤 #AgainThankUVeryMuch #빼애앰 #SeoulKorea #Kpop

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