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Lola Jean  #SexEducator, Mental Health Professional and #Writer... amongst other things. 😼

Butt what about stuff?
We're going to talk all about the stuff. Namely the stuff people tend to ask about the most. #Pspot stuff. #gspot stuff. And #nonmonagamy stuff. This isn't your basic fluff stuff either. 2 out of 3 panelists are cynics. So......🤷‍♀️💁‍♀️

Some of that black cat magic. @thebowiecat and I are brewing something fierce. Bring your pussies to us this Halloween for #sexmagick and more. ✨🖤✨🖤✨Details to cum.....
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We don’t play enough in our adulthood. Let’s change that - the good people of Math Mag have the dirty therapeutic coloring project of your dreams. Help fund them at the link in their bio! And you don’t even have to color inside the lines. Regram @mathmagazine ・・・
Our crowdfunding campaign to publish an Adult Coloring Book just launched! Limited quantities available! Jump on it! #linkinbio #coloring #coloringbook

Serving em up hot this morning. #tinderella

Not feeling like a superhero today so posting a picture someone made of me looking like one.

To thine own self, be true.

Something so brilliantly put, yet unnerving has stuck with me this past week. When will we stop immediately assuming and throwing labels of liar, crazy, emotional, vengeful etc... on someone who is just trying their best to survive and move forward?

I wish my prep school abusers remember what they did to me and that it also sticks with them, but part of me knows they don't. I still get blamed and shamed for the results of the trauma that shaped me. I should "get over it". But thats the thing about trauma. It's permanent.

Pussy, it's what's for dinner. As someone with a hyperactive #sexlife, I get BV fairly often. An imbalanced Ph is super normal and can be caused by a variety of reasons. If you don't own a vulva and can't understand: literally the same way you'd measure the pH of a hot tub is the same strip I can out up my lady parts to tell me how basic or acidic I am. Tired of killing my body with antibiotics that don't necessarily kill the biofilm, I sought homeopathic remedies. Hydrogen peroxide, boric acid. Even shoving a "pussy pop" of frozen Greek yogurt up my hoo-ha to self treat. Bottom line: yes, the vagina is a self cleaning oven. No, we can't use soap, it's not that easy. BUT it also should be this hard to take care of ones genitals. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Cut to my slutty travels through Europe, I was surprised and amazed to find a variety of #pHbalancing products at #sexshops and pharmacies alike. Because FDA regulations are silly and likely a variety of other reasons, drugstores only sell products to make your V "smell fresh". Read: harmful fragrances that will only make the problem worse. So will soap. Your vulva shouldn't smell like a Rose garden. It shouldn't smell like lavender fields. It should smell like pussy. And those who own one should have access to body safe products to maintain that.

You have a problem with how pussy smells or tastes? Go fund research and development for them. Better yet, stop fucking what you won't eat. Pussy, it's what's for dinner.

Just thinkin' 'boutcha

Playing with the #clit shouldn’t be a chore or goal oriented endeavor. If you’re having fun, they’ll have more fun. Let’s bring the play back into Play.

Why choose one when you can be both? #cunexttuesday Take back the words they use against you and wield them as weapons. When you don’t care, it takes away their power.

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