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Goddess Garden  Created by a mom for her daughter, our natural products are certified organic and free from harsh chemicals. 🌿 #GiveChemicalsTheBird


It's National Honey Bee Awareness Day, so we want to make sure you’re aware that a bee has to travel the distance of six times around Earth to gather enough pollen to make a pound of beeswax. We think they’ve earned the right to keep it, so we’re beeswax-free! Click the link in our bio to learn more!

Get back to school in a green way! 🌿 We’ve partnered with some of our favorite brands to make the transition back to school a little greener. Tell us how you’re being green this year for a chance to win goodies from us, @QuinnSnacks, @eatbobos and @methodhome! You have until midnight on 8/21 to enter!

What does relaxation look like to you? 🚣#NationalRelaxationDay

What's your opinion on avocados? 🥑

We use this delicious, antioxidant-rich plant in our skincare to nourish sun-damaged skin. You can learn more about all the ingredients we use by clicking the link in our bio. ↖️

Thanks, Instagram fan @vega_tribe for letting us baby your babies! You’re our pic of the week!

We stick to the basics. Mountains. Fresh air. Clean skincare. 🏔🌿🦋✨💚

We LOVE that this cutie is serious about her sun protection. 😎☀️ Thanks @lwinberg for being our #PicoftheWeek 💚

Where in the world is our sunscreen? This pic comes to us from Sasha Yoga + Wellness, taken at her recent yoga retreat. Where was it taken? (Hint: This country is home to the most active volcano in the world!)

A calming, soothing essential oil, roman chamomile hydrates, moisturizes and sooths irritated skin—perfect for countering chlorinated pools or salt water! 🌼

Need to give your mood a lift? Try jumping! You may feel silly, but silliness relieves stress. If you need some extra help, check out the link in our bio for some our essential oil blends that boost happiness!

What’s the difference between sunscreen and sunblock? Check out the link in our bio to find out!

Take a close look at the ingredients in your skincare! 👀
Ever since the first batch of sunscreen mixed in the family kitchen, our skincare products have used all natural ingredients to protect the skin and feed it the nourishment it needs. Learn about every one of our ingredients here: http://www.goddessgarden.com/ingredients-glossary/

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