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mona missy🌹 

I’m hard to catch, thats the Butterfly effect 🦋 #AubreyAndTheThreeAmigos

You could call me Barbie cause I look just like a Dolly 💁🏾‍♀️ #SunnyDAYPARTY

Compliments on my waist line #WeddingTingz ❤️

When I walked in the door, I been felt the tension, the niggas with the sweatin & the hoes with the whispering 🙃

Mood: Eat a Barbie’s Ass Or Something✨

I have so much going on, I can’t keep up with myself

I’m not really nice, I pretend to be 🙃

too bougie for my hood friends, too hood for my bougie friends ..

I feel like a big kid, it’s my first Beyoncé concert 😅 #OTRII

Walking Wishlist 🤞

Hennessy, neat please .. 👄

“fck that Netflix and chill, what’s ya net- net- net worth ?“

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