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Goban Cosmetics  [Gobang] With French tongue Acronym of 'Gorgeous and Beautiful Angels' ✨ SHOP NOW: www.shopee.com/gobancosmetics

An experiment done by our adorable #GOBANAngel, @almamestika , by mixing Golden Sun and Moon Shadow in one go, turns out as if they were match made in heaven πŸŒ™ #gobancosmetics #stardust

Moon Shadow and Sweet Lovin' made the best duo when it's the time to get some glam πŸ’– #gobancosmetics #stardust #meltedmatte

Another reminder that we'll get 20% of your purchase covered so you could get more product and gift them to the ones that are in need. #gobancosmetics

Own the glow, just like how @sanlyliuu did ✨ #GOBANAngels #gobancosmetics #stardust

Hold on tight cause you will get all of 'em packed in your bag with 20% discount a little soon. πŸŽ‰ #gobancosmetics #meltedmatte

Completing beauty kit on the list is one self-pamper πŸ’–@yaelahbro #gobancosmetics #meltedmatte

Holding on the motto of 'spread love, not hate', here we have a bottled love to share with your main girls πŸ’‹ #gobancosmetics #meltedmatte #meltedlove

Moon Shadow looks grand when it flatter one of our #GOBANAngels, @querramellca , here πŸ’– #gobancosmetics #stardust

Important dates to note, 4 till 19! 20% off to own beauty kit on your list πŸ’„#gobancosmetics

Golden hours are the best to be spent with squad. Would be perfect if you have Golden Sun freshen your skin β˜€ #gobancosmetics #stardusthighliter #goldensun

Happy fasting for those who do. May this Ramadhan full of blessing and joy πŸŒ™
Achieve a glow from within by coating your cheekbones with a thin layer of Stardust before you set it matte with powders. πŸ’– #gobancosmetics #stardust

Spread the positive vibe and don't let anything bring you down cause Berry Bunny always got your back πŸŒ™ #gobancosmetics #limitededition #sanrioindonesia #berrybunny

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