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Goats of Anarchy  501c3 Special needs goat sanctuary ✳PayPal: thegoatsofanarchy@gmail.com 〽️Venmo: Leanne-Lauricella ➡️www.goatsofanarchy.com

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Cutest girl ever 💗

My house is so much fun 😍

The animals are all a little confused today, but having fun!

My first time dealing with snow removal at the new farm! I'm from Texas! No idea what I'm doing right now 😂😂😂

Finny Boo has been cold. We got him a little heater to use while supervised but he cannot wait for his heated barn!!! Please see previous posts. This special needs barn is going to be amazing but we need help to finish! Please help Finny Boo stay warm this winter by making a tax-deductible donation through PayPal: thegoatsofanarchy@gmail.com or Venmo: Leanne-Lauricella 💙

Baby Bucket's first snow! He is so happy because he was supposed to be gelded today ✂️🙈🙊

Our first snow is a good one! 🌨️🌨️🌨️

Torres & Albie 💙

Aww Pepper... Come back inside! #firstsnow

Please help us fund our heated special needs barn for these guys! It is so important! Some of our special needs goats have a harder time keeping themselves warm and it's already in the 20's here in NJ! We can give them a heated barn, with plenty of indoor space to wheel around, away from the cold and snow! See previous posts for more information! Any dollar amount helps, but this is an expensive project and one we cannot ignore. Can you donate $5 toward our heated special needs barn renovation? You can send a tax-deductible donation to PayPal: thegoatsofanarchy@gmail.com or Venmo: Leanne-Lauricella. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Emmie and Nova are both in quarantine for a couple of more weeks, but are really excited about the idea of a heated special needs barn this winter! See our previous post for a photo! Mike from @pitbullsandaddicts is hard at work trying to get it ready, but we are running short on funds and could really use the help. This special needs barn will be right in the residential area of the property so we can keep a close eye on them. The cold is really tough on some of our special needs goats. Some are unable to curl up and keep themselves warm. Carts do not roll in the snow. This barn would provide lots of warm indoor space for them to wheel around! This is so important. About a dozen of our most special goats will move to this barn. This will also free up space in our main barn for future rescues! More lives saved!Please help us keep these babies warm! If you would like to donate toward this important project, you can make a tax-deductible donation through PayPal: thegoatsofanarchy@gmail.com or Venmo: Leanne-Lauricella. Nova and Emmie thank you!!!!

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