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Name this goalie who put the beat down on that twerp Chris Neil!

WHOA! Gotta shave those eyebrows, bud!
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#vintagegoaliemasks Jimmy Rutherford #detroit #redwings #wings #michigan #flyingwheel #motorcity #classicmask

To be honest, I feel this was the worst version of the "painted vintage look" to ever reach the NHL. The double eyes freak me out, and the mouth is weird. I much prefer Thibault's. What do you think about it? Whose vintage look was your favorite?

Whoa. The worst part? Dude isn't even wearing those leopard print @goaliesonly pads! Now that would be hilarious! (Yes, I know he plays for the Tigers!)

From GCN member @logan_p30, "Have an old cage that you don't use anymore? Possibly one of my strangest thoughts yet." We've all been there, Logan. LOL

I love this video and let me tell you why: what made Hasek the best goalie of all time is that he NEVER GAVE UP. While some other goalies might give up on a sure-goal, pros like Haden would throw a leg or glove or dive across the crease in hopes of getting a piece of it. Do WHATEVER it takes to keep that puck out!
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Sometime battle drills can beat ya up beware of bad body language! But they get the creativity flowing and can show young goalies they are never out of the fight! #VG #summertraining #edgework #battle #creativity #awareness

Now that's an impressive position to find yourself in, ha!

Name this goalie!!

Wow. So simple and clean yet so awesome. Love them!
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Clean #GN3Tik set up in full right form.

Now here's a magazine cover I can get behind!

Okay.. I'm doing this at my next game with the 3 wives who show up. 😂😂
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Friday's are for firing up the crowd 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏼

GCN member Alex made a buddy to ride home with him. #wingman LOL

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