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Hanto Jyou (On Off 👉Kinda)  -Doki Doki Delight! Go On Green My parter is Birca. My best friend is Gunpei Single, Ready to Mingle

Well I've been off for a long time.

Ooooo. Guess they might not be skipping Go busters in Power Rangers...

The Go-Busters will a pushover in Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters because of the other Dino Sentais....

Hanto :3 Who wants to RP?

I love this photo!

Hiroto is just acting all cool. And all the others are just plain happy...

For some reason. The blue ranger reminds me of the blue Megaforce ranger....

Hanto morphed and ran at the Gariak that ambushed him.
{Open RP}

Hanto wandered around trash world and saw you. "Uh what are you doing here?" {Open RP}

Dead? Hope not. Utchy better not end up dead like Burai and Mikoto...

Nossan's sister is gonna transform? Ironic she played Deka Yellow now Kyoryu what ever color she is gonna be...

Birca and Hanto: Amore! Birca: This is great!

Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters trailer at the end of an episode. Jin is coming back YAY! But Go-Busters already fought a dark sentai do they have to deal with them just like they did with the Gokaigers?

You saw me laying down, defeated worn out and me just lying there. (Open RP)


Based on Hanto probably G OR PG


Can someone please tag me in a RP.

My Roll Call without my helmet!


Lazy edit.....

Doki doki tag me in a RP please!

Anyone know where I can watch super hero taisen z?

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