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Go Chase Waterfalls ✈️🌎  Lucy - Travel blogger - Nature lover 🇦🇺 in 🇬🇧.... 📍Istanbul, Turkey 🔜 Bucharest 👇New blog post: best bits of Lake Bled 👇


Vintgar Gorge is closed in by towering rocks and filled with fast-flowing green water, often forming little waterfalls. At the end, it opens up into a big, beautiful waterfall. From Bled, it's a picturesque walk that will take three or four hours all up. Go early in the morning to avoid the crowds – its mayhem in the middle of the day. More tips for the Lake Bled area on my blog www.gochasewaterfalls.com ... Link in bio 🙃

Lake Bled ❤️❤️ As you walk around the lake you get constantly changing views. It’s a 6km loop, so at a leisurely pace it’ll take about an hour and a half. Plenty of places to stop and admire the view or hop in for a swim! Check the link in my bio for more tips about this stunning place 😊

One of the best things you can do at Lake Bled is paddle out to the island and enjoy the views from the church. There’s many little vendors around the lake offering boat hire for as little as €10. If you're not so keen on rowing, there’s an option to have someone else do the hard work for you. For a bunch of other cool stuff to do in the area, check out my blog www.gochasewaterfalls.com - link in bio ✌️

Confession: I am terrified of flying. A lot of people find this surprising, given I fly so often... When the plane takes off I shake and cry and I feel like I can’t breathe. At the slightest sign of turbulence, I gasp or shriek so loudly I get looks from other passengers. During landing, I grip onto the chair for dear life, as if this will somehow help. Frankly, it’s embarrassing and exhausting. But on a flight recently, a random stranger helped me through. Read more on my blog... Link in bio!

Slightly hazy because of bushfires, but still a pretty impressive view from the Serpentine Road, looking over Kotor Bay. Check out the link in my bio to see a suggested day trip from Kotor, including this epic windy road!

Another angle on Sveti Stefan: this time looking down onto the island from the highway. Click the link in my bio to read all about a day of road tripping southern Montenegro 🇲🇪

While in Montenegro I did an awesome day trip from Kotor, all around southern Montenegro. One of the stops was Sveti Stefan, where we found this little coastal trail that gave us some stunning views 😍 Click the link in my bio to see all the other stops along the way!

🇹🇷 Just landed in Istanbul! Spent today ticking off lots of the big sights. Will be traveling round Turkey for the next couple of weeks. Any tips?! 🙃

This is up there as one of the best sunsets I've seen to date 😍 Climbing up to the fortress for sunset is a MUST DO in Kotor. For my tips and lots of pics, check the link in my bio 🌄

Durmitor NP: # 4 of 4... Tara River Canyon.
Europe’s second deepest canyon (though, this is a questionable title) can be admired from many spots. Two common spots are the viewpoint at Curevac and the Tara Bridge. From Zabljak, both of these are a short drive. Curevac offers endless mountain views and a nice bench to perch yourself on. The Tara Bridge is a sight in itself and while you’re there you can zipline across the canyon for just 10 euros! Check the link in my bio for all the mountain activities I loved in Montenegro 🇲🇪

Durmitor NP: # 3 of 4... Hiking to the ice cave.
A difficult hike but a wonderful reward at the top. To get to this ice cave you have to walk consistently uphill for about four hours. The first part is through the forest, but when it eventually opens up you get some nice mountainous views, including Bobotov Kuk in the distance. Entry into the ice cave is slippery and steep. My only advice is take it slow – which I did, but somehow I still ended up on my bum! The path loops around, meaning you get some new scenery on the way down. Check back tomorrow for the last Montenegrin mountain activity 🇲🇪 Or click the link in my bio to read about them all!

Durmitor NP: # 2 of 4... Hiking to the peak.
This six hour hike winds through the mountains of Durmitor, giving you absolutely incredible views all the way until you reach Bobotov Kuk, the highest peak in the country, reaching 2532m above sea level. It's a difficult hike, but achieveable for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness. At times the path is narrow with a big drop off, so there are ropes to help you along – particularly at the end where it’s pretty much rock climbing! Stay tuned for more mountain activities in Montenegro 🇲🇪 Or click the link in my bio to read them all now!

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