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Gino "G-Notes" Vela  Not your average hero. Living a NOT SO Average life. Entrepreneur, husband, Gamer, & Proud Father.

Time is flying by, my son has turned 12yrs today. I still remember the time I held you in my hands for the first time. Blessed to be a modern family and blessed to have a wonderful wife and life partner. #blessed #eli1005 #entrepreneurslife #powercouple #lovemywife #lovemylife

"She ask where I want to go... I said the end of the world with you, she said I feel like I'm home, at the end of the world with you." - Dirty Heads.
Take a moment to recognize, appreciate and fill her/him with positive words today. Without them, you wouldn't be where you are today. #entrepreneurslife #enjoylife #encouragement #soulmate #hope #hopetattoo #powercouple

Taking a walk in the bamboo farm before heading off to work. It's wonderful to wake up to the wind, trees, and nature. #enjoylife #bambooforest #entrepreneurslife #wakeup

Enjoying this Sunday Morning View from bed. Remember to take time today to focus on yourself. #entrepreneurslife #dayoff #nofilter #enjoylife #positivevibes #bambooforest #hammocklife

"When starting a new journey, you research the road and walk the path you plan. 99% of the time the path chosen will never be the same path you began on. The end goal is still your main focus but the path to your journey will be different. Never be afraid to change or explore other paths in your journey." -GNotes #entrepreneurslife #powercouple #businessventure #exploreeverything #positivevibes

“Every business man and woman needs to learn how to drive into a storm and know that they have power to control their outcome.” -GNotes #entrepreneurslife #road #drive #businessventure #nofilter

Probably one of the best vegan spots I have been to lately. Be mindful on what the media is selling you to consume. Health plays a big roll in being successful. My business mentor always told me you are feeding your mind the wrong foods. So I educated myself on what I was eating. My life has changed since I realized the truth. I suggest you do the same. #entrepreneurslife #vegan

Kinda missed Miami..."Good Morning everyone. Always remember to work on yourself first. You will never offer anything to anyone if you don't work on self first."-GNotes #entrepreneurslife #yogaatthepark #workonself #millionaireintraining

Three years ago, my business partner and I decided to have a small dinner and talk about our imagination. That day we wrote down tons of ideas, drew rough sketches and made loose plans to get them accomplished. That day we took a big step in faith, quit our jobs and with $600 started our first business venture. Today we end our third year (4 companies established and counting) and can't be more excited to see all our ideas start to become a reality. Happy Anniversary A&G, many did not believe and few helped carry the torch. Till next year. #entrepreneurslife #powercouple #happybusinessanniversary

"One way to lead yourself into failure is choosing the wrong mate. Choosing the wrong mate will lead to lack of ambition, lack of positive flow, dreams being killed and a road full of heartache and pain. So Ladies and Gentlemen, choose wisely. If you can't see yourself hustling or sitting on the Board of Directors with your mate. Then they are not your forever mate. Heed my advice I speak from experience." -GNotes #entrepreneurslife #positivevibes #businesspartner #powercouple

The one truth about success, is if you don't have time for family then you don't have time to succeed. -G-Notes When your son loves Samurais as much as you. #famlyfirst #entrepreneurslife #positivevibesonly

"Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go." -William Feather...When your friends, family and business partners tell you to let a business go. You do like that leaf and hold on. Victory, it's just around the corner. #entrepreneurslife #positivevibes #entrepreneur #morningmeditation #morningmotivation

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