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OK so this is going to be a first for me. in the last couple months during our Walking Dead hiatus, I’ve been really studying a lot of my favorite guitar players...Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Kirk Hammett, Scott Ian and this particular guitar lead by Randy Rhoads (the last section of the solo for BELIEVER) has always left me in awe. Since I’ve been taking advantage of any free second to play I’m pretty stoked with this. (I hope it doesn’t all go away next week when I start directing on season 9) but I’ll keep working on it. when you push through artistically and feel that pride it’s pretty inspiring...certainly a breakthrough for me!

Back to it season 9 prep! Love this lens flare photo taken in my office #twdfamily

Directing tonight’s finale! @itsdekesfault caught me between takes. Great stuff ahead on TWD and FEAR! Very proud of our shows! @amcthewalkingdead

Get to Monsterpalooza in Pasadena this weekend! Con celebrates everything horror!!!! @monsterpaloozaofficial

Our Jason miniature from JASON GOES TO HELL missed me. @profilesinhistory Happy Friday the 13th


Ok so in organizing a giant bin filled with photos from the last 20 years , @reginaelaine cataloged some great pictures for me, this one with Jeff Edwards and @crognalegino on set of PUMPKINHEAD 2 with Mark McCraken in the suit. Crew Dave Smith, Bill Hunt, Garrett Immel to name a few. A blast from 1993 #tbt #knbefxgroup

Congratulations to Mike Roddy for his Rondo award winning documentary MONSTER KIDS!

18 years ago today I married this amazing woman. The extent to this woman’s commitment to our family and her children is unwavering and tenacious. She’s powerful, dedicated and beautiful all at the exact same time (and sometimes forgetful :). Happy Anniversary Shari and THANK YOU for all you’ve done for me and our children. We are better because of you!!!!!

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of “2001 A Space Odyssey” I’m excited to share some photos of a full-scale EVA pod that we’ve been working on. I started this project nearly 10 years ago with two gigantic 4 foot acrylic domes and from there with a lot of help from some really talented folks, during what little down time and weekends we have, we’ve gotten the pod to a point where the estimated completion date is May of this year. Currently the body-shopping on the body is nearly complete and the 3D printed parts for the extended claws are molded and about to be assembled (the reason I bought 2 printers). I love this movie for so many reasons and more so the Production Design. I’ve always marveled at the impact of seeing full scale props, both original and recreations, so this one will be a beauty to behold.

Many thanks to all Dave Wogh, Lou Zutavern, Jim Leonard, Andy & Charles and all those that contributed. More to come.
#2001aspaceodyssey #fullscale @airandspacemuseum

Not the best hiding place but a cool one for sure

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