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I'm Daddy 💚  ☾ She was like part of the moon - Part of her was always hidden away / 8-14-14[taken♡] ☽ Ocala/FL〆 I'm back as of June 1st ///

Took this lovely lady out to lunch 💕

Hi ☺️

Been working a bunch, don't really have much time to post.

Hey, little girl, I think we found it tonight
I think we glow that fucking bright, oh
And, when she laughs, I like it
Like, "Oh ha ha ha ha ha" // ✨💕@_lost_serenity_

This is such a good picture agh 💕@_lost_serenity_

Me and my lovely lady ❤️

I want to go back to the days,
Where life wasn't dull or gray,
Where I was vibrant, and alive and, had a world that I thought I could thrive in ///

Messy beard and hair after a shower ☁️

I am fucking back!

Happy New Years everyone! Stay safe out there. 💕

I told myself I was finished
And I'll pull it in a minute
But first I got something priceless to say
I hate my fucking friends

New shirts I got today! :3

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