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Nick Smith  Currently wishing all the cracks on the ground in parking lots were vertical so I could climb them

Casual days floating down the Merced... doing circles for photographers and then paddling back to shore...

@kweaver_ sending the Taft high line during a snokyley sunset.
Ok, so let's make this brief. In short, I broke my camera this morning. I destroyed the LCD screen in an accident and while I can still use the view finder, the functions are now severely limited. I need to get a new camera soon, so I'd love to sell some prints. They're $75 each. You can scroll through my Insta or my website and DM me if you're interested in one. Donations would be great too. Thanks!

This morning was insane. Best sunrise I've ever seen at glacier point. This photo is not at glacier point. This is in wyoming.

Sometimes a photo doesn't have to be complicated or take a lot of effort to get. Sometimes nature speaks for itself and capturing a moment is effortless.

It's hard to beat a campfire under the stars under a new moon. Just be careful with your fires and make sure they're legal. I'm not sure how the fires in yosemite were all started, but it's so smoky here right now that I almost got lost haha

I've been wanting to rappel into vernal falls for over a year now, and so had @joseromero93. Last night we made that happen. 📸 @joseromero93

I'm currently spending the night at the top of my second waterfall this week. Tuesday night I was above bridal veil falls and tonight I'm above Nevada falls with @joseromero93. We were going to climb half dome, but neither of us were feeling it, so were doing other fun things instead! Life's good in yosemite valley.

I've been to middle earth in yosemite many times, but it's always been dry. This time @gabs2711 and I went up while yosemite falls was still flowing to see if we could get into the cave behind it. It was extremely wet, but I'm stoked to say that it was possible! There's nothing like taking a shower in the largest waterfall in North America.

I'm heading out to yosemite tonight! Now maybe that doesn't seem unusual, but this time I'm moving there. So see ya soon @justinreedolsen @thehybridlife @britainandrew @reverendryan @andrewmupchurch etc.

About 300 feet from the edge of bridal veil falls, the river narrows down just barely enough to cross with leap and a running start.

I swear to God those were the actual colors out of my camera.

While I was hiking the ridgeline attached to pyramid peak in tahoe I spotted this little glacial blue pool of water below me. I didn't think too much of it, but decided to stop by it on my way back. It was super beautiful and just fun to play around in. Then I left and didn't think much more of it. The other day I got a DM asking me if I saw a blue pool of water on my hike. Apparently it's a secret location called the fountain of youth. Huh, pretty neat.

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