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J E S S L Y N D A V I E S  Back to canada soon🇨🇦🎉❄️🍩Aus with Colton🇦🇺💞lush🛁bartender🍹My brother's insta is better🔥🌲

Night out with @kelseyy__x & crew ♡ let's steal tinsel & pretend that half of our photos don't exist tomorrow xx

I've loved Australia & I've hated it at the same time. Just like I've loved Canada & hated it. But that's life to me. It's what you make of where you are & sometimes you have the energy to make it great & other times you don't have any energy at all. I learnt that from high school😅. I learnt a lot on this trip & am happy I came but I'll be happy to return to my home in Canada. My friends, my coffees, my parents cooking, my gardens, the fireplace & the familiar streets of Hali ♡ can't wait critters🇨🇦🍁🖤

Today's adventures🐠

Dis bitch made it to Cairns🐠

Saw the sun today for 3 seconds at sunset☀️

Had to wear sweatpants & my lulu sweater but we made it to the most easterly point of Australian mainland🌥

Vini vici tn at platinum🥂someone better ask for a gin & tonic tn or I'll be disappointed in humanity🌲ps yes I have skeleton fingers☠️


Saw two kookaburra's at Burleigh today🐦🐦

When your best friend since grade 1 sends you a letter in Australia so you find a quiet spot on the beach to laugh & cry ♥️♥️💞💌

Just your friendly hostel hooligans in their pj's & onesies on a week night🥂

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