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G Money  Just a soldier in Jah's army, trying to spread love through music. I just want to be a better version of me. Email

Always in my thoughts ...

It's been a long day and as a coffee lover this is my perfect night cap. Tomorrow is another day, time to unwind with some #Nescafe3in1

Today me and @venantradz destroyed leg day and survived "arm"ageddon - I wish I could share the good feeling that comes post gym. However you can experience it for yourself. Get active. Thank me later 👊🏾 - Tonight. Mercury ABC

Shout out to @esthermpassaris for passing through and spelling out her vision as the Nairobi Women's Rep Candidate.

Big up @savarafrica for coming through and talking about his @sawaprogram initiative to empower young women! All the best bro!

SEMI LONG POST: I'm often asked about my "Kanye West" tattoo. No, I don't have a tattoo of Kanye West, relax. I have a tattoo of one of his lyrics "you're not perfect, but you're not your mistakes" - "What prompted you to get this tattooed on your arm" they ask and I say I didn't choose it, it chose me. I think in life we all make mistakes, I just don't think we are defined by those mistakes. If you do something wrong or bad over and over again, it's not a mistake, it's a habit. A mistake though is defensible. That's why pencils at school had erasers. Forgiveness is a dying art. People make mistakes and we sit on our high horses and squeeze every ounce of remorse out of them to sate our own need for validation. It's sad. I've made many mistakes and I'm still here. I'm still making them and I'm gonna make some more, of that I am sure; the thing is though, I'll learn from them all and I won't allow myself to be defined by any of them. I'm more than a mistake.

Great hosting these young MCA aspirants, it's important that we hear their voices as they are trying to be the change that we need. All the best @khan_noel15 @kagweez - #NewPolitcs

How I never posted this pic I don't know .... #TheLostTapes

"the STARS are aligned" on #GMITM - Shout to the 4 language speaking @tresorofficial - Good times on @homeboyzradio

I have to wake up on point everyday to make sure I'm in the studio by 5:30am. Updating myself on the latest news is essential with regards to my job. Every morning I get to do this with the perfect cup of #Nescafe3in1.

Coasto this weekend for the Climax of @tapas_cielo 3rd Anniversary celebrations. I cannot wait! I'm even doing my show from there on Monday!

This time next week ... Tapas 3rd Anniversary - Mombasa it's a week long celebration. I'm there on Sunday Night. Can't wait ...

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