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G Money 🇯🇲🇰🇪🇬🇧  Just a soldier in Jah's army, trying to spread love through music. I just want to be a better version of me. Email management@conradgray.com


Last night we played the music we love and we loved playing the music. #Dancehall #Reggae #FeltGood 📸 @ayayasiligwa

Tomorrow morning on the show, join us for your chance to win your FIFA 18! Only on @hbrfanzone!! - Tune in from 9am-11am - @homeboyzradio


October 19th 2011. Kingston Jamaica. Holding a reasoning with @konshens #TBT 📸 @sygray

“You’re in Nairobi G, but I know you’re going hard, just like dem London days” - Shout out to @callmeldn @gohardldn - Got your package, perfect fit and for real. Still grindin’ like its 96 and we on the block ..👊🏾🙏🏾 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇰🇪🇰🇪🇯🇲🇯🇲

The amazing @jahmbykoikai came through and spoke about Thoracic Endomertrosis a condition which affects millions of women. We need to raise 10 million Ksh for her to get treated in the US. Please help. The Paybill Number is 490681 and the Account Number is Jahmby Koikai Fund. Please help.

Man a wear black, man and man a wear black, man a man a wear black Lol. Big up @timmytdat and @gabupunit - Good session today. Mans back from their career threatening football injury 😂

A genuinely good human being needs your help. I could sit here and tell you a whole load of stories but the fact is we need your help. No matter how big. Or how small. Please help us. It’s not about like, please share and contribute. NO MATTER HOW SMALL.

LONG POST: One line from a song can impact and change your life. We all have songs that we lean on. That’s why music is there. I heard this line on @officialwretch32 album last night and it’s stuck in my brain. “Never give as good as I get” - for many of us, what we “get” is so tainted, so negative that if we gave what we received we would become negative too. In that case we should never give what we get. At the same time though, anything that we commit to, we should give our everything. This is easier said than done though, because we are human ...
The line that hit me most of all was “every time there were noughts on my cheque, I deserved everything” - it made me think about all the times I have downplayed my own achievements because I didn’t want to appear arrogant or cocky. Playing small doesn’t build you. I’ve done a lot of things in my life. For a father less kid from a rotten council estate in north west london I think my journey has been remarkable. When everyone was going the opposite direction, I came to Africa, bringing the skills that I picked up along the way, No university degree. No rich parents. No criminal legacy (kinda ... I scaled up without the scales if you catch my drift). The point I’m making is that life is what you put in. The work you put in. I’ve worked so fucking hard and it’s only now I see with clarity what the future can hold if I keep grinding. You have to strive to reach a point where every cheque you receive, all the money you make you, you can look at it and say “I deserve this” - there’s the quick way and there’s harder way that requires graft, sacrifice and discipline, things that I can’t say I’ve always had. Right now I am so amped. I’ve got my second wind and I’m telling you watch this space. Nothing I’ve done is about to equal what I’m about to do. I truly believe that God’s purpose for me is to pioneer and the boy ain’t gonna falter. I don’t have all the answers but I’m also not afraid to ask the questions. The little that I have I share, knowledge especially. My impact and global footprint and relevance isn’t an accident. This is not an image and I’m excited about this next step. Walk the journey with the kid. ❤️

Collect your thoughts. Get closer to your dreams. Repeat. 📸 @dharshiephotography

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