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Garrett Jay  CSCS, HKC, FMSC 1&2 F.aith..amily...riends Lift. Run. Bike. Ball. Capris. Spandex. Shaven legs. Shirtless. Alameda. Bay Area. UCSC '12

2.0 miles of running on the treadmill at the club. I remember when my 5k time was 21 minutes, think my PR is 19:49. But sure felt like I was flying today, like sub 2-hour marathon flying, Nike better watch out. #witnessthefitness

Valentine's Day shenanigans. #11years

Now I have two gifts that aren't penguin related for my bed cause I really don't have anymore room for more. Thanks @kchaulyoung for the bicycle bed set! #bicicleta #cycling #bed #penguins #yesthatsapillowpet #andironman #andyesIstillfitinatwinbed

Friday night sweat sessions at The Club. Warmed up with some weights, then got on my favorite tread; .5 to .7 to 1.0 mile runs with .2 mile walks between. Had to speed up my last mile since they were closing. However, no pain when running, hallelujah holla back. Forgot how tiring running a mile is... And I did that 26 times before. Pshhhhhhh. Shout-out to my physical therapist Katie P. at Alameda Hospital though. #KatieP #notkatyperry #fridaynights #theclub #rehab #running #nopain #boompow #witnessthefitness

When you find your dance, trance, and techno compact discs. I remember going to Border's music section and sampling them to see what I wanted. Then I'd put it in my walkman and listen to it in the backseat with my headphones on. Mixtape still being made. Trust the process. Now the last place you will find me are at the events that actually play this type of music. Y'all had no clue I was OG like this. #music #90s #early2000s #dance #trance #hardcopy #compactdiscs

When your PT says you can up your mileage from .20 mile repeats, so you cautiously increase it by .05 miles. Then afterwards you experience no pain just slight calf tightness, so you tell everyone that they must be on watch cause you're coming back!! Yep that's me. #quartermileclub #nopn #onrepeat #comeback

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