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Greg Salo  Prez of Young Nails, nail professor, and always trying to be super dad 📧 @youngnailsinc @hsalo27 @treierson #nailbros #youngnails

@hsalo27 is in deep spastic contemplation, @treierson is fighting for air, but the real gem here is me literally scared shitless at the site at my brother’s perfect hair...

@beppiebasant_nailartist executes a tight French Ombré with Core White and Cover Pink 🔥

The @youngnailsinc team will be out in Sac this weekend for the NAILPRO show. We look forward to meeting everyone 🤙🏼

@beppiebasant_nailartist 10 minutes hookup on her own nails cause it’s just so damn fast 💥

@nathcohen used Go Time HUG IT OUT to create this beautiful nude look. Check out that shine✨ No base and No top, just GoTime on acrylic!

Happy 2nd Birthday Son. May God bless you with a lot of love and patience. 💙 #nicosalo #gregsepicday #happybirthday #jackedyourpic

When it comes to picking up the same size pearls, I use a counting method for consistency. This is something all beginners can make huge improvements when it comes to picking up the consistent sizes. In order for @hsalo27 to be a Jedi nail tech, he has to master the basics first. 🤙🏼

There was another “ah ha” moment for @hsalo27 when applying a nail form to my finger. First, the positioning of his index fingers and thumbs at the right part of the form was really important. It allowed him to hold and open the form with ease. Second, he used his middle fingers to balance while applying the form flush to my finger. This is another great way to ensure great balance and stability while applying forms. 🤸🏼‍♀️

Picking up the right size pearl is going to set you up for consistency. Using the right pressure will give you the opportunity to pick up a larger size. 👌🏼

What an awesome GoTime color combo @nathcohen used to create these beauties. Just another way to express pink and white nails 😉

There’s always an “ah ha” moment for all beginners. @hsalo27 realized it when watching me apply the overlay with the right consistency. He’s made so much progress in the last week. 💪🏼

Love these gorgeous French Sculptured nails by @beppiebasant_nailartist. The goal is to get @hsalo27 here one day 😉

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