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Greg Owen  Making the right lifestyle choices since back in the day. YouTube-Greg gmanonfire Owen. Donate@ PayPal gmanonfire@hotmail.com 😎✌️❣️


I finally got to meet @dougdougthewelder when I was in Canada last week. 😁 He brought this super dope little welding table to show me. Just a mini version of their full size tables, but man, is it cool. 😍
* We also spoke about making glass anvils. @cudglass said he had one in is medicine cabinet, and sure enough, he did. #glass # steel #welding #anvil

I'm super excited to visit the beautiful city of Denver, CO this weekend, and catch up with my buddy @astula_inc. Any glass shops I need to see? Recommendations for restaurants or galleries or cool stuff? Hit me up. #rockymountainhigh

Well, it appears that like many of you, @kelliot123 was impatient too. She wanted @obenabright to divest at least one of the 20 castings created during his residency, before we packed them up in their crates and sent them back to Oakland. It took them a little while to crack through the sheet metal, but after that, things went relatively quickly.
* Of course, this piece is not a #finishedproduct yet. It will be painted with light washes of oil paint, and whatever else Oben decides to do with it. #glass #glassblowing #glassofig #bestofglass #figurative #sculpture #satisfying

Now, here is some fresh tech that I had never seen before. I'm looking forward to seeing what the #finishedproduct looks like some day.
*@obenabright choose to dump shards of broken glass into some of the figures, once they had been broken off the pipe. *After waiting 10 minutes or so until the temperature cooled down a little bit, the piece was then lifted onto a cart, wheeled to the annealer, and then slid into place. I can't remember exactly, but I think they were in the oven 10-14 days or so before they cooled enough to open.
@bencobb_glass @crashkillbert @gabefeenan_glass @nrdglass @kelliot123 @rios_glass_life @waltl2 #glass #glassblowing #glassofig #moldblown #heavy

The @museumofglass hot shop team working with artist @obenabright. Oben goes through many, many steps to create his finished sculptures. Here we are looking at a few steps of the mold-blown process. @waltl2 did a drawing to help explain the act of "mold blowing".
*First Oben sculpted the figure in clay, then pulled a two-part rubber mold off the clay positive.
*From the rubber mold Oben cast a microcrystalline wax positive and added the actual fabric clothing (in this case a hoodie).
*The wax positive was then invested in plaster, and then melted out of the plaster to create a negative form, as I've shown in the video.
*The entire mold was then heated up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit prior to blowing a bubble and stuffing it in there. (That's a technical term)πŸ˜‰
*Suffice to say that @bencobb_glass @gabefeenan_glass @crashkillbert @nrdglass @rios_glass_life @kelliot123 @willcox.jacob and @emilyreneelamb all worked their ass off that week, but we went to Dress Like a Pirate Karoke to make up for it. More to come.
* #glass #glassblowing #glassofig #bestofglass #moldblown #figurative #sculpture

What can I say, but thank you. 😌 I'm still amazed that the funny glassblowing videos I began making to pass the time, and to make my funny glassblowing friends laugh, have become so incredibly popular around the world. I would never has guessed it in a million years.
To celebrate, I stalked my feed to find out who number 300,000 would be. Congratulations to @rozis_pozis in Tatarstan, Russia! I'm going to send her an official @gmanonfire t-shirt (ladies v-neck medium in navy πŸ˜‰) as a thank you for following my page. Designed by @d30n_design! πŸ™
I have lots more shirts in stock, and will be getting more sizes next month. I don't have an online store set up yet, but feel free to hit me up if you want one sooner, or just check me out when I'm in your town. πŸ€™
Once again, thank you for tuning into @gmanonfire on @instagram, and don't forget to check out my YouTube page as well. I've started uploading a few longer videos, and will continue to add more over the next few months. Peace! ✌️❀️πŸ”₯

I had the pleasure of visiting @jaymacdonell at the new @boccidesign hot shop in Vancouver, British Columbia last Friday. The space is gorgeous, and the highly talented team were producing the iconic #28 series, seen here in situ at @informinteriors in Gastown. #glass #lighting #design #glassblowing #glassofig #bestofglass To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com

@glass_smith made this sweet Panda Sensei Saturday night at @rainierglassstudio. Can't wait to see this thing out of the oven! #glass #glassblowing #glassofig #bestofglass

I was lucky enough to roll through @terminalcityglass last night as they were celebrating their new furnace getting hot. @jaan.andres_ @tarablownglass
@wendylady and the crew asked the crowd to gather a bit, and to write their intentions for the furnace on flash paper. The intentions were thrown into the pot and burned in offering before the piece was knocked off. It was a hit! #glass #offering #glassblowing #glassofig #bestofglass #teamwork

I woke up like this. @cudglass #eastvan #art

Sitting with sensei @cudglass and checking out this great new Venini book, Paolo Venini and His Furnace. What's up with the mermaid holdings the mushrooms? πŸ§œπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ„πŸ˜‡#skirapublications #paolovenini #venetian #glass #book #glassblowing #glassofig #venini

I'm making a run for the border to see the beautiful people of Canada. Have a great product, location, rig or delicious dish that you'd like to share with the world? DM me and we can discuss getting you on the @gmanonfire feed. Always looking to meet nice people and eat great food, so any suggestions for good stuff to eat or see are highly appreciated! Thanks!πŸ€™ Next stop: Denver, CO February 22-26

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