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Gareth  Best dad bod in town

Happy birthday to this ugly bastard, tear it up in Winnipeg this weekend for me!❤️ #pongpartner

Next year just won't be the same, thanks for the memories 😕 #seeyaforthigh

Thanks for being my date today, we killed it😇 #cleanedup

Yeah, I'm a mediocre fisherman #21inches

Thanks for being my best friend for the last 16 years, it's been a slice. Love you to the moon and back, sleep easy pup.❤️

In another world, I'd probably look good in this shirt #letty #vissersbathroom

Below average baseball players, above average guys #wearentheretocompete #brewjays

I done spent some time chasin' women who don't give a shit #shouldbestudying

Expected to wake up better looking this morning but it didn't pan out I guess #17

90% bandwagon, 10% ugly #fancyjacket

Happy birthday to my best friend Abbey! So grateful to have gotten the chance to get to know you over the last couple years and so happy to be your friend. Thankful to know I always have you by my side and that you're always here for me, love you lots💓💓 #soft

Muskies number one fan #thegut #thxtojanelle #homecoming

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