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  Not a traveler, not a photographer, not a bird ... but I love to travel, to photograph and to fly

When the weather is too hot there is nothing better to rethink back at the visit the ice caves in Iceland that I did with @extremeiceland! One of the most amazing experiences of my life! #iceland #icecave

Another photo of the Palouse Country, this time a spectacular sunset. The irregular terrain creates incredible sinuous shadows. The photo was taken from the top of the Steptoe Butte State Park. #washington #palousecountry

Palouse Country has very relaxing landscapes. Wheat fields stretching to the sky and occasionally a red granary. I love this place! #washington #palousecountry

The slow decline 02.
Even crossing the Palouse Country we found several abandoned houses. What struck us most was to see them in complete harmony with the surrounding landscape. #washington #palousecountry

In the Palouse country the wind draws waves that leave the fields and reach the sky.
#washington #palousecountry

Some time ago we visited Rialto Beach, we walked for hours along the beach and after a spectacular sunset we enjoyed the last lights.
A piece of my heart is still there. #rialtobeach #olympicnationalpark

Dettifoss is one of the most beautiful and famous waterfalls in Iceland. I wanted to see her during a magnificent sunset but it did not go this way. When we arrived dark clouds threatened rain (which was coming) but they made the landscape even more epic. #husavik #dettifoss

Have I said how much I love Icelandic sunsets? We were visiting the fjords of the east and all day the weather was bad, during the dinner, suddenly, the sky became epic!
It was one of the most amazing sunsets in my life. #egilsstadir #sunset

Landmannalaugar is a crazy place with spectacular landscapes. To reach it you need to wade across rivers, pass lava fields and pay attention to crazy sheep but it's worth it! #landmannalaugar #wheniniceland

In the summer the sunsets in Iceland are among the most spectacular in the world ... and last for hours! #husavik #sunset

How do you imagine that the other planets are?
I imagine them as Hverir in Iceland, a magical and alien place. #hverir #myvatn

Trollstigen is a spectacular road in Romsdal. From above, the view is amazing. Driving through the road when there are low clouds it seems as if a troll can appear at any time...

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