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Jazzing up a chicken breast by butterflying it and frying in @nandosuk hot sauce 😍 Should also confess I coated this in mayo before eating and that I’ll be following it with a tub of my favourite @halotopuk after another busy day of moving back home and making our downstairs fit for human inhabitation @e19_erl 👭🏡💜 #coeliac #glutenfree #nandos #homesweethome #love

A late dinner of homemade double stacked cheeseburger and chips with a @geniusglutenfree teacake after a busy day. Perfect paired with a glass of wine and some trashy tv to mark the first night back home after living with my mother in law for almost 6 weeks due to renovations! #glutenfree #coeliac #burgerandfries #homesweethome #myplates

Sprinkle that shit everywhere ✨ #kindness #bekind #behappy #positivity #dontbeadick

A little close up of last night’s dinner! This was absolutely delicious but it also taught me my tummy doesn’t respond well to tomatoes! 🍅🤰😂 #glutenfree #coeliac #dinnerideas #bloated #freefrom

I’ve prepped for upcoming shows using a more flexible approach than I have in the past and have managed to incorporate an array of different foods and flavours into my daily diet, (as you can probably see by scrolling down my page!) Prepping this way means I’ve still been able to enjoy evening meals with my other half, the odd glass of wine or bit of chocolate and, on one occasion, a massive portion of pick’n’mix at the cinema. In other words, I’ve managed to still have a life!

Although I’ve still experienced the same hunger, cold and tiredness that comes from an extreme calorie deficit, food cravings have been kept at bay and the dieting element has been an absolute breeze in comparison to previous preps.
This was my condition yesterday morning with another 2.5 weeks to go. Although I’m changing things up now to avoid any bloating on the day, hopefully this year I’ll show that you don’t have to eat chicken and broccoli five times a day in order to get lean!
#compprep #bodybuilder #abs #fitnessjourney #diet

When you fancy a pizza but don’t have the calories so have to settle for a courgette 😂 these turkey ‘pizza’ stuffed courgette boats topped with reduced fat cheddar actually hit the spot #glutenfree #coeliac #countingcalories #flexiblediet #compprep #pizza

Simple Sunday dinner using up leftover prosciutto to jazz up a typical bro meal - pretty proud of how I’ve perfected those roast potatoes 😍 #coeliac #glutenfree #notmyplate #stillhere #potatoparty

No hike for us this weekend as we’re spending it working on the house so a little throwback to Runyon Canyon it is! 👟👟👟 #losangeles #runyoncanyon #hiking #adventures #takemeback

Fancy fish and chips 😍 cod wrapped in prosciutto pan fried and served with asparagus and homemade chippies for tonight’s dinner after a busy day. Now for my weekly glass of wine before we chill with a movie 💜 #glutenfree #coeliac #notmyplate #onemoreweek #fishandchips

Friday night fake away 😋 spicy egg fried cauliflower rice with king prawns and chicken chunks #coeliac #glutenfree #chinesefood #fakeaway #foodie

A little throwback seeing as it’s Thursday! @e19_erl just 114 days left until we have to work out how to use this thing again 😂☀️🏖👙🍉 #glutenfree #coeliac #throwbackthursday #vacation #happy #adventures #holidayessentials

I posted a few weeks ago asking if other coeliacs struggled with digestive issues despite being careful with what they eat. Since then I’ve been even more careful with what I’m eating to make sure no gluten is ingested, even knocking my grenade bar habit on the head. As you can see I’m still struggling with bloating so I’ll be adapting a pretty boring diet from now on in the last few weeks of prep as I don’t want to risk looking like this on show day! Flexible dieting has worked well for me as I’ve never been this lean before however it’s time to tighten things up! Green beans come at me 💪🏻 #coeliac #glutenfree #compprep #flexibledieting #thirdtrimester #automimmunedisease

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