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Charlotte Wilson  Founder of GSE Skincare Products. Manufacturer/Distributor Book Me For Your City/VIP Treatment #PoPuP #CelebritySkinCareGuru #GlowSkinClub

Make Me Mold Me 7th Anniversary. Shreveport La

Make Me Mold Me 7th Anniversary. Shreveport La

To all that wished me a happy birthday, thank you. Yesterday was a tough one for me. I'm thankful for God's blessing of life. I spent my birthday with my two favorite people. My twins, Braylon and Natalie..
Most of you know my twins father and my husband at one time passed on my birthday a few years ago which happen to be our wedding anniversary date as well.
My birthday was very special. I felt sadness in my heart of missing Ronald. I felt joy and happiness for all the memories.. most of all I felt blessed with the gifts he left me for all my birthday's and anniversary's for the rest of my life on this earth, Braylon & Natlie.
Thank you Ronald. RIL....missing you... Special thanks to Taneshia for the fruit flower. It really meant a lot to me. You have only known me for 3 weeks and you took off from your job as a postman to deliver me this beautiful flower. Girl thank you. I really appreciate you.

My daughter and my cousin. Love you both

Island Palms chef just called me and honored my request. This SNELLVILLE restaurant will now offer Turkey every Sunday.. Each Sunday he will offer different island flavors. Jerk, curry, brown stew and braised....
His cooking will have you looking your fingers. So SNELLVILLE let's go out and support our own. @islandpalmsrestaurant
#fingerlickinggood #turkey

This is about my childhood life story. "As a child I was somehow disliked and physically abused by my father...From the 3rd grade to maybe the 8th grade he couldn't stand my sight and I always tried to figure out why. I thought it was my voice...maybe it was my look...or because I was dark-skinned....The closet in Chicago had a door on it...He locked me in there more often than not for 2 years straight..." - Charlotte Wilson, CEO/Founder Glow Skin Enhancement, Former NFL Wife

Join us at SynergyIII to hear her amazing story!

#WIPS. #charlottewilson #mychildhoodlifestory
#familysecrets. #nomore. #apologizewhileyoucan #forgiveness

All I can say is amazing!! Make Me Mold Me Empowerment

Looking in the mirror and unveiling the mask! Topic of the weekend. #glowskinenhancement #makememoldmeempowerment

Having fun!!

OMG!! So excited to join this conference. Thank you Jazette Lane English for allowing me to use your platform to share my story. Get ready D.C. See you in October. #glowskinenhancement #charlottewilson #wipsconference #survivors

Spiderman. BRAYLON

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