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Glow Girl Cosmetics®  Our natural solution: ⭐️Stimulates collagen growth ⭐️Diminishes acne scars, stretch marks & more ⭐️Brightens & promotes healthier skin 🌎WW Shipping


We love seeing our clients happy 💛 SKINCARE is self care! You only have one face and it's never too late to work on getting that glow back and maintaining it. Investing in makeup to cover up your flaws is easy and hey, we all do it, but it's more important to invest in products that will diminish them. ✨
Repost from our client @Phiaslay ✨ --- I get asked all the time about my skincare routine, so I thought i'd share one of my lil beauty secret tools from @glowgirl_cosmetics 😍The most amazing little face roller that evens your skin tone, diminishes acne scars, and really just gives you that glow. 😁 ✨Why this works✨
Microneedling makes tiny little pricks into your skin, these little holes trick your skin into thinking it's been injured which instantly boosts collagen production, repairs and regenerates the skin. For me, doing this in conjunction with the Glow Girl masks and serums every 2 weeks has definitely worked wonders for my skin ❤️

#FactsOnly ⭐️ No matter how much $$$ you spend on facial creams and serums, they won't do any good if they just sit atop the dead, outer layer of your skin. Our Derma rolling system allows deeper product penetration, so they get down to where they can make a difference. ⭐️

⭐ The part we love the most - hearing about your genuine GG Rolling experiences and most importantly how it is working for each individual ☺️ Here's what our recent customer @danielleross14 had to say about hers ⭐️ #Glowgirlcosmetics #dermarolling #dermaroller #collageninductiontherapy

When you see that Gold parcel it only means one thing ✨
Your Glow Girl kit is here 💛
Order yours before 3pm for same day dispatch and receive yours in time for the weekend #pampersession 💆 www.glowgirlcosmetics.com or visit the link in our bio 👆

Our 4 in 1 Derma Roller Kit is now BACK IN STOCK 💛This complete body kit Provides Everything you Need for all Areas of the Face and Body Including: ✨ 1 x 0.5mm GG Roller for use on eyes
✨1 x 1.0mm GG Roller for use on face
✨1 x 1.5mm GG Roller for use on Body
✨FREE Disinfectant tank included
Key benefits: ✔️Diminishes old & new scars, Stretch marks, Dark Spots, hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tones, Fine lines & more whilst Brightening and giving you healthier looking Skin!! Get yours today via the link in our bio or visit www.glowgirlcosmetics.com - 🌎 Shipping

We love this quote from @lindentyler Here's a few reasons why you should get into routine and stick with it:
⭐️ Developing a consistent skin care routine can prove difficult for many to maintain religiously - yep it's a lot like sticking to the gym 🙄. .
⭐️Your skin is actually your largest organ, so it would be unwise to do anything other than care for it with a consistent routine. Your skin faces challenges, like harsh abrasion, pollution, sunlight and detergents, that can thin and weaken the structure of your skin.
⭐️However, creating and maintaining a regular skin care routine is an investment that will pay off in more youthful, healthy and vibrant skin for years to come.
⭐️If you are a car owner, you change its oil regularly so that it is properly maintained because you realize that regular maintenance is the key to extending the life of your car. You should think of skin care in the same way. .
⭐️If you stick with it, you will notice undeniable results over time. The key is to stay consistent with your skin care regimen.

We are loving this Skincare routine with @monycatamang 💛using the #Glowgirlcosmetics Collagen booster kit #YouGlowGirl 😍
___________________________________________________________ "This treatment from glow girl cosmetics is absolutely amazing. You all know how much I love trying new skincare and this treatment has made my skin look and feel amazing!"

Another amazing transformation from our lovely client Laura after using the 0.5mm GG Roller to tackle her scars from acne ✨😱 Thank you so much for sharing your results and allowing us to be apart of your journey!
We are always on the look out for genuine results from existing clients using our products - Email your before/after photos (no matter how big or small) to info@glowgirlcosmetics.com receive a £10/$15 voucher to spend on any products on our site 💛 Ts&Cs apply

Gawjus shot of our 4in1 Roll and Repair Kit taken by our client @wahidakhatunn #YouGlowGirl 💛
Our Best Selling Kit includes:
* 1 x 0.5mm GG Roller for use on eyes
* 1 x 1.0mm GG Roller for use on face
* 1 x 1.5mm GG Roller for use on Body
* Free sterilising tank included
Perfect for:
* Stimulating collagen production
* improving poor skin tones
* acne scar removal
* Hyper pigmentation (dark spots)
* Stretch marks
* Reducing fine lines, wrinkles and dark circle
* Reducing pore size and firming
* Improving elasticity of skin
* Skin friendly, safe and faster skin restructuring
* Hair loss treatment/ hair restoration

Get Skin ready this summer with the #glowgirlcosmetics Collagen booster kit - it's never too late to start your skin care routine, the key is to stick to it 😉✨ Orders yours today at 👉www.glowgirlcosmetics.com

She's got the glow ✨ Skin care routine with the lovely @ashleyvera_ using the Glow Girl Collagen Booster kit packed with everything you need to be on your way to healthier, glowing skin ❤️ Featuring: 24k gold mask kit and our best selling 0.5mm GG Roller ✨ _______________________________________________
Our highly quality 100% Titanium sterile needles are passed across the area to be treated causing controlled micro-punctures in the skin. The controlled trauma is enough to stimulate the wound healing process and for the skin to remodel itself generating collagen and elastin. As the skin regenerates and repairs itself, new cells are formed with enhanced blood supply leaving a softer, smoother skin with lasting results.⠀
Many of our clients see and feel a difference in their skin 24hrs after their first session, however skin regeneration is likely to take place over weeks. Rolling once a week/fortnight is generally recommended (Leaving enough time for the skin to recover in between sessions is vital)
It is used to treat:⠀
•Acne Scarring - old/new⠀
•Dark spots •Hyper-pigmentation •Stretch marks
•Fine lines and wrinkles⠀
•Aging and sun damaged skin⠀
•Uneven skin tones •Plumping lips 👄 & more 💛

Which one are you? We're definitely a bit of both 😜

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