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Gemma Atkinson  Actress. Breakfast host @hitsradiouk President of Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary. PRE-ORDER‼️ my book “The Ultimate Body Plan”

It’s a great pleasure in life when you do something that people said you couldn’t do 😏
Stick to your goals. Stay consistent and believe in yourself!

Take the risks 💫💫💫

Your body will be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag. Invest in yourself, you are worth it!! #mondaymotivation

@gorka_marquez I love that you push me hard in the gym and inspire me to better myself when we train. I also love that you’re happy to eat far too much red velvet & cheese cake with me, order a cookie on the side and drink far too much coffee. Thanks for another fab weekend ❤️

Say hips one more Mutha F•••••g time Evil Steve 😡😂 Hate these, but love a strong 🍑 so they have to be done!

Behind every strong, independent woman lies a little girl who had to learn how to get back up and always depend on herself 👊🏼❤️ Writing my book has been SO therapeutic. I hope those of you who read it not only change your health & physique with the plan, but find some kind of strength & comfort from my childhood, Teenage & adult experiences. My good times, bad times, extremely hard times and overcoming them all. ‘The Ultimate Body Plan’ is available to pre order in my bio and to purchase 27th Dec. Time to find your inner warrior! 🙌🏼

Milking my last Strictly throwback before the new series starts. Partner, whoever gets to dance with you this year has already won in my opinion. @aljazskorjanec I cannot wait to come & cheer you all on this year! Just be warned though, I’m sitting front row wearing a #TeamAliG Tee shirt waving a poster of myself looking flawless 😜 Good Luck Partner! #VANESSAAAAAA!!!!!!! #putyourhandsupitsmorefun
PS. Please don’t be in a dance off with Gorks... I literally couldn’t cope! 😂

Today after my upper body session I casually said to Evil Steve “I wish I could do pull ups” I’m 72kg (roughly 11 stone) and 5ft 9 so it’s a heavy ass frame to lift 😂
After a little chat and a boost of confidence (that’s what evil Steve’s good at) Its now my goal by Christmas! We began then and there training for it with eccentric pull-ups. They were horrendous 🤢 But in a weird way, I can’t wait to do them again!! @upfitnesslive

Triple threat 😏 @reebokuk Let’s train! 💪🏼

Sunday supper 🍉 😊

He’s off back to London to dance for another week. I’m off to fix my nose after squishing it so much for that kiss @gorka_marquez 😘 Fab weekend!

Yesterday we changed the tempo of my leg curls. Evil Steve always likes to make little adjustments to keep my body challenged. We started slow & when the muscle was under enough tension (or to me when Ste said go) 😂 I had to pull fast, hold and then slowly release. It doesn’t look hard but I did it superset with RDLs 5 sets 8 reps. It was a killer! I have a natural arch in my back so I struggle to keep my hips flat doing these. I’m aware of it & I’m getting there though! It’s not always about how much you lift / pull or push. Training smart is challenging the muscle without injury and still getting results. Sorry for the F bomb in this. I like Evil Steve in real life, but when he’s training me, he needs to be told now and again 😜😂 @upfitnesslive

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