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Wasn't feeling it at all today 😞 I really struggled with my session. I felt weak, I was tired, emotional, whinging all the time you name it! The last few days I haven't been consistent with my meals in that I've been so busy I've not prioritised them. I could have prioritised them had i set myself more time, But I didn't so it's completely my fault. At Weekend I hosted a family BBQ and boy did I eat & drink. Esp the Costco cake for dessert... Monday I had pizza and on tues I had a lovely day out down south which consisted of a gorgeous 3 course meal at lunch, drinking Pims (my first time & it was delicious) followed by another big meal for my tea AND Percy pigs on my journey home 😨 I felt happy and I was having a really good time so chicken & broccoli was the last thing on my mind if I'm honest.
That said, all of the above is the reason I struggled so much today. And yesterday actually. Like I keep saying in my blogs YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! I ate bad food, I feel physically bad. I have low energy, I'm lethargic, I've been ratty with my trainer evil Steve and I felt miserable all through my session and tired at work as well. It's crazy how your body reacts to "toxic" food. Today's gym struggle gave me the kick up the arse I need again. Yes life is about balance & yes in a few weeks I'll probably have another day where I eat the wrong stuff. But it'll just be the 1 day. Not 4! To anyone wanting results, bare in mind ALL of the above. Don't fall in to the trap of becoming sluggish because of bad food choices. A little of it is fine and it's needed, but I think really don't recommend a 4 day binge 🀒 Training for me is about my health and how I feel primarily over how I look. I want to feel good therefore I need to fuel my body with good nutrition. Stay focused. You got this! πŸ™ŒπŸ½

#tbt showing off with what @dazthaiboxer taught me 😏 #muaythai

#Repost @k9magazine
#backstage with Gemma & her boys, Ollie & Norman for @k9magazine before we meet a couple of pups at @bleakholt_animal_sanctuary looking for new homes >> swipe to view & visit to adopt! #adoptionrocks #k9magazine #dogsofinstaworld #dogs #gemmaatkinson Shots by the fab @vivienneedgephotography & Rob.

Busy morning at Bury Market selling off our own quality possessions (tat) for @cashforkidskey103. Thanks to those who came to support our charity πŸ‘πŸΌ@key103manchester

Ollie all set for our shoot with @k9magazine today up @bleakholt_adoption Norman's clocked the rain and is still in bed. What a diva he is... πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

Good morning Manchester! @key103manchester

Yes we do πŸ™ŒπŸ½

FINAL BLOG Now in my bio πŸ‘† 12 weeks done! @upfitnesslive πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Sundays 😊

#bts in Yesterday's shoot. Loving my new hair styled by @cintalondon and @racoonintl πŸ’πŸΌ #blondeshavemorefun 😜

So far no rain! Yay!!!

Feels so good to be shooting again πŸ“Έ
Fab day with the glam squad @cintalondon

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