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Look Models SF  📍Bay Area - Wherever You ✈️ Me

Proud to have been apart of such a powerful event. Even more proud to be in love with this amazing woman regardless of what anyone in the world thinks.
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So proud to have modeled yesterday at San Francisco City Hall on Harvey Milk Day. This event/shoot definitely hits close to home.

This dress was designed to raise awareness for my LGBTQ family world wide. Made by 4 artists from Amsterdam, it is crafted from the flags of 75 different countries who outlaw homosexuality, in which 12 of those countries homosexuality is punishable by death. DEATH! To think that I could be sentenced to death for loving someone. But there's hope. Whenever a country changes its legislation it's flag is replaced with a rainbow flag. Let's hope sooner then later this entire dress is made of rainbows. Thanks to @abc7newsbayarea for covering the event and @mayoredlee for being there and showing love on his Instagram.

Hair @jilliangnarling
MakeUp @joel_king_makeup
Dress @amsterdamrainbowdress
Dress designed by @jochemk @arnout_amsterdam @mattijs_van_bergen @oerivanwoezik
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Push through

Don't let anyone steal your happiness... Don't let anyone challenge your sanity...if you must separate your self from the situation do so.. if you must part from the entity do so..take care of yourself and of the energy around you.. you can't pour from an empty cup. -✨✨
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"Pain self inflected just to see if you care. Sometimes I sit back and wonder.. How long must I suffer for you to realize that me longing for your love is what's pushing me under. Remember the love you promised? Or any promises you've made at all? Should've known better.. Mama always said promises are meant to be broken" -✨

Photo By @cooneyphoto
MUA @stylesbymatt
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I was raised in Richmond where your taught never to allow disrespect and to check any BS that comes your way. Where you ready to throw them hands cause it's talk shit get hit. It was cool in my younger days but now a days with this social media age you got a lot of keyboard killas and gram ganstas. If I checked every fugazy person my way I'd have no time for anything else. I've spent to much time checking you suckas. I'm at a place where nothing or no one can effect me. Everybody good at talking but ain't nobody about that action. So Ima sit back, keep working, and continue to stack this cheese cause seems like if niggas or females got something to say they saying it to everybody but me. Jealousy is nothing but love and hate at the same time... so Ima let y'all keep on 💜
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Recently filmed a commercial and I finally get to share it with you all! One of the dopest sets I've been on yet. Everything was literally dripped in gold. Including me! If you keep up with basketball keep an eye out for ya girl on ESPN for the NBA countdown. Here's a glimpse of what it looked like on set! Filmed by @machouseproductions
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That lollipop ain't the only candy in this pic.
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Woke up this morning like 😁. Then I get on IG to see myself on @theshaderoom, I ain't complaining lol. This week has been great so far. Relaxed day on Monday, all day at the beach Tuesday, keeping the vibes going on this beautiful Wednesday with my fam @machouseproductions. Shooting for ESPN today, that means closed set and no behind the scenes. Sorry loves.. you'll see when the commercial drops 😉
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Eliminate that shit
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Don’t be jealous. It stems from your own insecurities and it’s never attractive.. Concentrate on being better then yesterday, on being the best version of you. Tunnel vision. Next thing you know your ahead of the game -✨

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