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Making a habit of shutting down any of this shit coming from myself or those around me. I never hate on anyone that’s just not in me but I often question peoples choices especially when it comes to females making relationship choices that are obviously not the healthiest. Saying things like “she’s dumb as fuck”, “id never do some shit like that”, “she put herself in that position.” Also little things like joking about peoples outfits or how someone smells. Nothing funny about that shit. I don’t know that person or their life situation if any so I need to shut up. It’s hard since I can’t let shit go until I “understand” it but then again I never will and I have to remind myself that not everyone was trained in the same field of life as me. I was taught to develop my divine feminine instinct and a sensitivity to energy that aids me in knowing and feeling positive and negative or what is or isn’t healthy for me. So I have to allow others to take their course and learn life lessons the way the universe set it up for em’✨✨✨
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The universe has been so good to me already, It’ll only get greater ✨✨✨✨ Sending and sharing all these vibes your way #Ashe

ReInspired, Refocused, and Reenergized. As of lately I been feeling ready for anything. Bring it on world 💪🏾 #GloTaylorr #GloAndGrow #GloWithMe #GloTaylorr

Let me show y’all what music sound like this man spends countless hours in the lab, has songs written by him top 5 on the billboards, and finally tomorrow Dec 2nd on his 26th birthday I get to share HIS ART, HIS VOICE, HIS BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS. You deserve the recognition brother. Love you and I’m juiced as fuck for everyone to finally hear your music @courtlinjabrae

“I used to feel bad for being selective with people I involved my self with so I would override my feelings and allow to many extra pieces into my space; but keeping people around because their feelings meant more then my own is old news, and I don’t read yesterday’s paper.” -Diamond Dorris
#GloAndGrow #GloWithMe #GloTaylorr

“There’s a silence I hear.
A hollow sound in my chest.
Sometimes I wonder if maybe it would be best to give myself a rest. A rest from the capsule I’ve been gifted in hopes I’d transcend to further places yet who am I to call times up and after all these achievements how can I feel so complacent. I got lost in life and forgot what it is to live better yet what it is to love living. I’ve lost myself and I have to get her back.”

Another publishing for @ellementsmagazine.. anyway so my audition took extrraaaa long and ended at 5:24pm when class with @shanebruce_ at @theplaygroundla started at 5pm 😩 I’m bummed AF. I was hella looking forward to it but it’s gravy. LMK if any of you know of good studios in the Bay Area. I’ll be there Friday-Sunday. HMU if you want to link 📸📹 Time for a road trip to the bay with my yitcheesss
#GloWithMe #GloAndGrow #GloTaylorr

“The truth was no longer on the menu and love was no longer being served. That’s why I left the table. I’d rather eat alone.“ @whiskeywordsandashovel
#whiskeywordsandashovel #GloTaylorr

My dumb ass literally just deleted this photo and it fucked up the flow I had going so I had to repost it. I’m hella irritated. Anyway I’m going out tonight didn’t have a costume so I went to the sex store and bought some thot shit. Hope I don’t get cold 💁🏾 Happy Halloween 🎃
#GloTaylorr #GloWithMe #GloAndGrow

Life is all about choices. What you choose to do with the cards dealt. Life gives you lemons? You make some bomb ass lemonade. Life hands me a pile of shit and ima get a canvas and become the best finger painter this earth has ever fuxking seen and call that shit art 💩 Ima make the best out of everything pimp, belee that.
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“Your too skinny you need to eat” “You should tighten up your stomach” “She’s pretty, but ain’t got no booty” “You must only eat salads” “Squats they’ll help you get ass” “Your beautiful but so skinny”........... kiss my beautifully plump and small bubble booty. Fuck your opinion, fuck society’s definition of “beautiful”, and fuck anyone who tells you to alter the natural body you have. I can’t believe I used to want to change the body I was blessed with. It’s fuxking beautiful every flaw every curve or lack there of. This is my capsule and I’m floating happily in this bitch until I’m on the the next dimension ✨✨✨✨✨
#YourPerfect #LoveYourself #GloWithMe #GloTaylorr #GloAndGrow

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